Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – Survive Off the Grid

One thing that preppers, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts all know is the importance of essential gear for surviving off the grid. Those who truly know how to live off the land also know the many uses of a good, solid knife. Anyone whose outdoor activities include chopping wood, skinning game or filleting a fresh catch … Read moreSchrade Extreme Survival Knife – Survive Off the Grid

Targus Checkpoint -Friendly Air Traveler Backpack

Targus Checkpoint backpack

Frequent travelers going from city to city or traveling to distant countries where changing planes at different airports are part of the itinerary, know the agony of checkpoints. Apart from taking off your shoes, belt, and jacket, often holding up your falling pants or skirt with one hand, you have to pull and tug to … Read moreTargus Checkpoint -Friendly Air Traveler Backpack