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Espresso Machine

A Review on Best Espresso Machines

Introduction to Best Espresso Machines

The beauty of life is having your immediate needs satisfied in the right manner and time. People purchase products to satisfy their needs. The better the quality of the goods and services one acquires, the more satisfied they bring and thus the more comfortable life becomes. Consequently, the bottom line is, shopping determines the quality of life one lives. For home use or commercial purposes, product users need to get the best combination for use. They need to engage themselves is thorough analysis before they can settle on what to purchase.

Two major issues need to be put into consideration while deciding what to buy. First, the buyer needs to sure of the best quality and type of product to buy. Different types of products are available in the market. They differ in various aspects as well as the satisfaction they give to the user. The purchaser, therefore, needs to know the correct good that will serve their needs best before they can make their orders. Product selection should be based on the user’s experience, current needs and reviews by another user, just to mention a few. They should as well consider what is new on the market or products that were existing in the market but now have been tailored.

The other thing that should be put into consideration by the buyer before they can make the decision of purchasing a product is the seller. In every free market, so many sellers sell similar or closely related goods. The buyer thus needs to be sure of which seller they should buy what. Different sellers stock different types of goods. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. The purchaser should take considerable time to know the kind of sellers available and their characteristics. They should know the quality of products offered, the terms of trade, the genuineness of products, their prices, after sales services and so on. For example, the trader should know the certified dealers of the product he or she needs. The location of the shop from where the user is to collect the products also matters; it should not be far such that extra costs need to be spent to get the product.

Sellers also have different terms of trade. The buyer needs to understand them first before they can start their transactions. They also charge differently for similar products. Customers should choose the most favorable prices for them. While buying equipment, it is good to consider the maintained services availed by the seller. The combination of all the above factors and many others should be well looked at by the dealer for correct purchasing decisions.

Drinks are among the most commonly used refreshments in different settings. More precisely, coffee has been used extensively over time. Coffee lovers are willing to forego many other things to get the coffee. Most of them thus invest substantial sums of money to make available coffee at their reach. For those who love espresso, they may wish to acquire their espresso machines so that they brew espresso any time they want. This article will review the best espresso machine by different evaluation types of machines and give an insight into the best sellers.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

According to the Amazon website, the best-rated Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines is the Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler semi-automatic espresso machine. It is rated according to its performance, and the reviews made the people who have used the machine, especially in their homes.

Features of the Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler semi-automatic espresso machine

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The machine has two boilers. One of the boilers does the brewing of the coffee while the other is used for steaming. The machine is made in a way that you can brew the coffee and steam milk at the same time without having to do one first. It also solved the problem of the traditional machines, which required the steaming of milk to be done manually.

The machine has an electronic proportional integral derivative that aids in the control of temperature to suit different varieties types of coffee beans. The control system is also used to control the temperatures used in the frothing of milk to produce various qualities.

The two Italian pumps, which are fitted with strong valves help in the maintenance of optimal brewing. The valves allow preventing overpressure, which could result in undesirable taste. The two pumps work to make sure that there is enough pressure during the brewing process to produce the preferred tastes.

The machine is also characterized by low-pressure pre-infusion. The feature ensures that the coffee beans are presoaked evenly at the correct temperature to allow for proper brewing. The machine also has heat exchanger feature. It ensures that water enters the boiler having been heated, passes through the steam boiler, which ensures temperature stability. The exchange is thus temperature tight, a feature that ensures uniform brewing of the coffee to produce the preferred quality of espresso.

There is a shot clock for better control. It enables the user to monitor the timing for shots so that the quality needed can be produced. Moreover, the machine is customizable so that one can produce the quality of their choice. It is thus more accurate as compared to the manually set machines. One can set the temperature, shot volume, auto start, clock, the clean cycle and other advanced customizations. The feature also makes the machine easy to use. Besides, it has a backlit LCD that helps in the monitoring of the shot clock and the brewing temperature.

The machine has a refillable water tank. It can be filled even when the brewing process is taking place. The water flow is focused to the drip tray and has a water filter to prevent impurities from the tan from interfering with the drink.

Pros of Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler semi-automatic espresso machine

The machine has two boilers that can be used simultaneously; one for steaming the coffee and the other for milk frothing. Stability in temperatures and pressure are maintained by the heated group and the over-pressure valves to ensure optimal conditions for brewing are maintained. Moreover, double pumps provide the necessary pressure for brewing and steaming. There is even extraction allowed for by the low-pressure pre-infusion that simplifies grinding.

Being programmable makes the machine easy to use. It also makes the control of the quality of the espresso produced easily. The machine can be moved from one place to the other easily using the swivel foot. Refilling of water can be done from the top of the rear side.

Cons of Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler semi-automatic espresso machine

The machine is big and thus, may not be suitable for users whose kitchens are small. The machine requires to muscling up to lock in place the tamped grounds for the extraction.

Customer review

Customer reviews are positive in general. Some say the machine is perfect especially because of the double shots and the consistency in the quality produced. The machine is also credited for the PID control system as well as the ability to produce instant steam without someone having to wait. Customer reviews also reveal their love for the swivel food that the machine possess since it allows the easy movement to where the user feels convenient.

Most of the customers who have used the machine say that the espresso was perfect; nothing less of the quality they were looking forward to producing.

However, some do not like plastic tamp and the need for regular service (4-5 years). His portafilter may back out during the brewing process. The puck sometimes is stuck when the portafilter is being removed. Customers also bring forward that if the machine is left for some time, say more than an hour, the pressure in the boilers decrease requiring you to wait for some time the next time you want a shot.

Best Sellers for Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler semi-automatic espresso machine

The best seller for the machine according to Amazon is EdwardHo. The seller does its shipping within two days upon receiving the order. The shipping is done globally. Orders are placed through Amazon.com Shopping Cart. Items bought from the seller can be returned within the first thirty days of receipt. If the order is made directly to the seller, returns are also done directly. If orders are made through Amazon .com, returns will be made through the same platform if the value is not beyond a certain value.


The machine is simple to use due to its programmability. It has two spouts that enable the user to make two shots at ago. It is endowed with two boilers; one for milk frothing and the other for coffee steaming, which makes is ranked high. It is made in a way that ensures stable conditions during the brewing process.

Steam Espresso Machines

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine is the best Steam Espresso Machine as per the Amazon ranking. It is the best steam espresso machine as per the rating was done on the Amazon website. It is mostly used at home to make espresso for oneself and family members. It has been used greatly to cut down the reliance on coffee shops for strong coffee lovers.

Features of the Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

The machine has a stainless steel body, which makes it easy to clean. The machine is light and compact and thus is suitable even for the users who have a small kitchen or whose space is limited. The machine comes ready for use without the need to assemble some parts. It also makes the machine to be long-lasting, and so the user can see of the money used in buying of the machine. The machine uses the steam heat to push the hot steam for the production of the dark rich coffee. The machine has a frothing arm. It can create a light cream of milk that is used for topping the coffee produced.

The machine has a collecting glass into which produced coffee enters. The glass is then used to transfer the coffee into different drinking cups for shots. Its design facilitates easy pouring of the coffee. It can carry at least four shots of coffee. The machine has a drip tray, which is removable the tray helps in collecting all the drips and spills of the coffee that could mess up things. The tray can as well be used to store the power cord. Besides, the machine also comes with the measuring scoops and the recipe. They help the user during the preparation process to make the desired quality of the coffee.

Pros of Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

The machine is cheap. The cost of acquiring Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine is low as compared to other machines used to make espresso. The machine can easily be moved from one point to the other; it is light. It takes little space and thus is suitable for users whose space is limited. It can easily fit in drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and thus does not involve extra costs to be spent in buying or constructing the housing. The machine does not make noise while in use. Its operations are silent and thus does not cause disturbance during the process. The machine is simple to use. It is a simple machine because it does not involve so many moving parts since it only uses steam to make coffee. The machine makes a lot of coffee since it can make four shots once within a duration of 3-4 minutes

Cons of Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

The machine does not grind coffee beans. The implication is that the user must get an alternative way to grind the coffee beans before they can be used to make the coffee. In some cases, the grinding is done manually which has the disadvantage that the texture of the ground coffee is hard to control and thus the user has limited qualities to enjoy. The machine does not have a frothing pitcher. It lacks pressure pumps since it is steam driven. It is made of both aluminum and plastic.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews reveal that the machine is good for its price. With such a price, one does not have to expect anything better than what it offers. Some customers like the fact that it uses steam to produce coffee, which they say, is the best way to make coffee. Customers have also noted that milk frothing and the steaming of coffee are done in a common reservoir and as such a single heating element is needed and, no time is wasted between frothing and steaming.

The machine is as well-liked for producing four cups at ago unlike machines that produce only one cup at a time; it is faster.

The reviews, however, disclose that the machine takes longer to cool. Producing a larger quantity, three shots and above leads to the production of more steam, which destroys the milk froth.

Best Sellers for Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

The best seller for the machine is the Golden Team Synergy. and free shipping for the machine is given to the buyer. The seller allows accepts back returned products but at a 15% charge on the price of the item. Factors that could lead to the return of items are accidental orders when the item is no longer wanted or change of mind. The price does not include the tax. It is calculated according to the state the item is shipped.


Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine is a budget machine used to make espresso. It has one boiler in which the brewing of coffee and frothing of milk is done. It uses steam to produce coffee and thus lacks the pressure pumps. The machine does not grind the coffees but requires them to be pre-ground. It produces four cups of coffee at a time, which takes roughly 3-4 minutes and thus is timesaving.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT espresso machine is ranked the best super automatic machine. The machine comes with high-end, sophisticated features that make it outstanding among other machines on the market.

Features of the Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT espresso machine

Jura 13752 Automatic Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine

The machine is endowed with a full-color TFT display. The display allows the user to see what exactly is taking place inside the machine. It is customizable with eleven options of which six can be used as a given time.

The machine is energy saving. It has three energy saving modes that are used in reducing electricity consumption to avoid payment of extreme bills by the user. The machine is easy to clean especially after use with milk recipes. The machine is also set to become inactive after a specified period of being idle thus saving electricity.

It has an automated cleaning system that cleans the machine immediately after use with milk contents. The system is useful in reducing the contamination of the machine and thus making it clean healthy. The cleaning process is done by the machine itself by after the user clicks a button.

The machine has two boilers that are made of stainless steel. One boiler is used for frothing milk for the preparation of milk recipes. The other is used for the brewing of coffee, which is done at the optimum environment of correct combinations for temperature and pressure.

The machine has a water reservoir that is relatively large and thus needs not regular refilling. It is also endowed with cup illumination feature that brightens the sprout as it dispenses the drink produced.

Another feather of the Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT is the fine foam technology. It is made up of two chambers that help in frothing the milk yummy and tasty. Frothing is customized to produce the quality preferred by the user. The machine is simple to use because of its simple programming. Programming is made easier by the TFT display on which menus that are simple to follow are displayed. At a given time, the user is given six different products as per the settings, out of the possible eleven.

Besides, using the TFT, the user can customize the names of the drinks to show the most favorite. The feature is useful where many people are using the same machine but with different tastes such as in an office.

Pros of Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT

The machine is efficient in that it is energy saving. It does all the work for the user and produces the desired quality of espresso within no time. The machine uses high technology. Its programmability makes it more user-friendly and able to produce drinks that suit the user tastes. The feature allows for the production of the best quality espresso.

Another advantage of Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT is the interface provided by the TFT display. It allows the user to customize the settings with ease. The machine is easy to clean, a feature, which is complemented by the dripless spout and thus ensuring high hygiene level.

Cons of Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT

The only notable disadvantage of the machine is that it is costly. It may not be affordable for low-income earners or may require huge sacrifices.

Customer review

Customer reviews indicate that the machine is easy to use. They give credit to the auto-frother that the machine has, which uses its two chambers to make yummy and delicious drinks. The machine is praised for its speed in making drinks and because of being quieter than other machines. Another feature that customers love about the machine is the TFT display, which improves the interface with the user. It takes control of the machine easy. It has an automatic cleaning system that keeps it clean. Warm, consistent milk froth is produced leading to awesome drinks. Customers also love the energy saving feature of the machine since it makes its use more efficient.

However, the customers do not like the plastic body of the machine. They say that with the price, they would have expected higher quality. Others reveal that the milk temperatures cannot be adjusted, which they would have preferred it they were controllable. Some other customers have also pointed on the high price of the machine.

Best Sellers for Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT

The best seller for the machine is the Electronics Expo. The seller has a wide variety of home electronics. The company is independently owned. It is credited for its outstanding customer service. Customers love the immediate duration taken for delivery. Shipping is fulfilled by Amazon.com. The seller has numerous positive reviews and continues to gain popularity.


The machine adopts modern technology that makes the use of the machine easy. Being programmable makes the user produce the desired quality of coffee with low chances of error. The TFT offers a good interface for customizing settings and comes with several pre-programmed products. The machine has an excellent frothing chamber that produces the right toppings for drinks. It has two boilers in which milk frothing and coffee brewing can be done simultaneously. The automatic cleaning system helps in keeping the machine clean.

Manual Espresso Machines

Among the manual machines, the so-called lever espresso machines, La Pavoni Europiccola

Is ranked the best.

Features of La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Chrome

The machine has a large boiler whose capacity can be used to make up to eight two-ounce shots at ago. The feature nullifies the need for having to repeat the process so many times if more shots are needed. It is thus time-saving. It uses steam pressure and pistons for brewing.

To control the brewing temperature, it has an internal thermostat that continuously monitors the extraction process to ensure optimal conditions are not passed.

The machine is also known for its durability. It has stainless steel heating elements. They help in maintaining its quality without contamination by stains. During the brewing process, even temperatures are maintained by the nickel-plated brass boiler. The feature is essential in ensuring that the extraction process proceeds well to produce a quality drink.

The machine is endowed with safety reset fuses that help in preventing overheating. The fuses cut out the power after a given level of heat is reached. The feature not only prevents overheating of the boiler contents but also helps in reducing costs; heating costs and repair costs for the machine.

Frothing of milk is done using the swivel-streaming wand for frothing milk. It also has a protective plastic that covers that gauge glass. There is a plastic drip tray with a cover where the drink is collected. The boiler has a gauge that indicates the level of water and, a refill cap is on top of the boiler.

Pros of La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine

The user has ultimate control over the quality of the drink produced. The advantage is that one produces a superior quality of their taste. The design of the machine is iconic which gives it an elegant look and a fabulous function.

The machine is fast; it heats quickly and thus the user need not wait for to use the machine.

Cons of La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine

The machine has a learning curve. Since the machine is operated manually, it requires some time to learn the particular grind of the coffee, tamp pressure as well as the technique to be used in pulling coffee during the extraction. It thus requires one to make several tries before they can make the desired quality. Moreover, the machine is non-programmable, and thus, the user has to do all the work manually.

During the extraction process, the body of the machine is heated thus require the user to be a bit careful not to be burnt. The machine has a low steaming temperature, which may require the user to begin with preheated milk to achieve espresso at the desired temperature. The temperature of the machine may not be sufficient to produce adequate froth as the user may require.

Customer review

A few positive reviews have been done on the machine and show that the machine is good for the price but requires some time for one to understand it to produce the best espresso. Once the user is used to the machine, he or she can produce superior quality. They also feel that the machine is cheaply built. It also has no consistency in the quality of coffee produced since it is operated manually. The customers also found problems with frothing temperature is low-pressure steaming which is evident in the quality of coffee produced.

Customers have also had issues with the grinder of the machine, and they describe it as very finicky.

Best Sellers for La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine

The machine is sold by shop La Pavoni. The seller makes it deals online. It offers free shipping to the customers for the items ordered. Packaging for the product is free. The seller works hand in hand with amazon.com. After taking orders, the selling policies applied by amazon.com also apply. Goods can be returned following the stipulated procedures.


La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine is a manually operated machine. It requires some time before one can get used to producing the preferred quality of the coffee. It has one boiler where steaming of coffee and frothing of milk takes place. The machine lacks pressure pumps. It has a relatively large capacity and takes about 3-4 minutes to produce shots of espresso. The machine is cheap and has a fabulous design. The machine, however, may not produce shots of the expected temperature and thus may require one to preheat the milk before starting the extraction and frothing processes.


Shopping is a practice that people do in day-to-day life. It is done to make available essential products for home and commercial use. Consequently, people cannot avoid shopping. They must learn how to get the right products from the right sellers. This can only be achieved by making enough inquiries to get adequate information for making the right purchase decision making. All the relevant factors should be put into consideration to make the right purchase price. Buyers need to understand their needs and match them with the products available in the market. Making the right purchase decision satisfies one’s needs efficiently. Before you make your next order, ensure you are well informed of what to buy, and where to buy it.

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