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Best 6 Person Tent Reviews & Buying Guide

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding The Best 6 Person Tent

If you are on the hunt for the best 6 person tent, then this means only one thing: you are a true-blue adventurous camper who loves to go out with a few of his best buddies (or family) and experience the great outdoors.

If space is what you need, then the 6 man tent would probably fit your needs to tee. However, there is more than space to enjoy when you buy a 6 man tent. You will need to look for a 6 man tent that has pockets for storage inside the tent. This is crucial because, without these pockets, you would have a mess with 6 people and their personal belongings all under one roof. Aside from the sides of the tent being used for the pockets, a great 6 man tent should also have some form of storage overhead for hanging bags or small items. At best, all the space inside the tent should have a purpose.

Price is another consideration to think about. There is a wide range of 6 man tents that cover the top of the line to budget or tents on sale. Over and above the price, you should consider comfort and convenience. Of course, a higher-priced 6 man tent should have better features and materials, and not just bank on its brand name.

In fact, you can buy inexpensive 6 man tents that could possibly be the best 6 man tents around because of its spacious interior and logical functionality. This means that not only should it be relatively easy to set up and store, the best 6 man tent should also be high enough to stand up inside, provided you are not extremely tall.

Look for a 6 man tent that has more than one door, preferably on opposite ends. This will definitely come in handy when you’re all inside the tent. Most of the candidates for best 6 man tents come with a vestibule that is wide and spacious to provide you with additional storage space and personal space as well.

Naturally, ventilation is of the utmost importance. Aside from 2 doors, the best 6 man tent should also have windows with mesh cover to keep the bugs out.

As far as price is concerned, buying a 6 man tent is probably much more practical than buying 3 or 4 tents. It may be heavier than the smaller tents, but it should definitely be something a man can carry around.


If you and your family enjoy camping, then I’m sure you are going to look into buying a tent. The best tent for a family is a 6 man tent. Although it’s called a 6 man tent, actually having six people sleep comfortably in it with an inflatable mattress or two would be quite the feat.

The thing is, manufacturers, don’t take suitcases or other gear in mind when classifying their tents. A good rule of thumb is to subtract two from the manufacturer’s number and that is how many people can sleep in them comfortable with their gear (of course in the case of a 2 man tent, you would only subtract one). If you absolutely need a tent for six people, I would suggest looking into a bunch of manufacturers to see if their six-man tent can actually sleep 6 people and their gear comfortably. However, I have seen very few 6 man tents that actually are able to live up to the name. Usually, this type of tent will sleep 4 people comfortably. Again, each model is different, so be sure to check the specifications.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for six-man tents. Firstly, if you want to save a bit of money, there are some really good deals on the internet. Just browse Amazon or eBay and I’m sure you will find something. Secondly, you want to keep in mind when you will be using a camping tent. If you are only going to be doing summer camping, a 3 season tent is what you are looking for. However, if you delve into winter camping, you will need to buy a 4 season tent. A 3 season tent will not keep you safe in the winter.

Like I mentioned before, a 6 man tent is good for a family of 4. Anything above and the tent can get crowded. And if you have less than 4 people, it’s a waste of space and you should consider downsizing to a smaller tent.

Generally, the best 6 man tent and the most popular type is the 6 man dome tent. A dome tent is designed to be quick and easy to set up. I’m sure anyone who has been camping knows the horrors that come with setting up the tent. However, this does not mean you can just jump in blindly and attempt to pitch the tent without reading the instructions. Don’t be like your father. Read the instructions. A good thing to do is practice setting up the tent in the backyard. This way you can learn the little quirks your particular tent has on your own time, instead of at the campsite with a million other things to set up.

Another thing to think about is buying multiple tents instead of one six-person tent. For example, a family of 4 could buy two 4 man tents. I know that, as a kid, I didn’t really like the whole family sleeping in the same tent (especially after eating camp food). Four-person tents are good for 2 people plus gear, so 2 four-man tents are equivalent to 1 six-person tent. It is also possible to find 2 four-person tents that are less expensive than a 6 man tent. The choice is up to you, however.

Now that, you have the tent issue settled, pack up the portable stove, and your rechargeable lantern and enjoy your camping trip! Hopefully, camping can become a staple summer activity for your family.

What Makes A 6 Man Dome Tent Popular?

Aside from its obvious cute appeal, the 6 man dome tent is a popular choice among campers, especially backpackers because it is easy to put up. Another reason would be the fact that you can actually stand up inside the 6 man dome tent, which is a great luxury after the old kind of A-shaped camping tents.

If you have been camping before, you know the back-breaking experience of having to creep around the tent the whole time and come out looking like you have your nose to the ground. Plus, the stretching part after bending down from the waist for a quite a while can be excruciating.

Albeit the 6 man dome tent is heavier than the other tent designs, it more than makes up for the fact that you don’t have to bend. Also, you don’t have as much floor space as the other 6 man tent designs, but if you are organized and neat, this should not be a real problem at all.

The later models of the 6 man dome tents are more square in design, and this can give you even more floor space. The new geodesic dome tents are equipped with an extra pole to keep it standing, but this is not so much a disadvantage, as it is an advantage. This is because the extra pole decreases any possible wind pressure that may blow on the tent.

You can expect to have a “rainfly” on your 6 man dome tent. This is an additional cover that you use to open the ventilation windows or doors and keep the rain from coming in, just like an awning.

As you can see, there are several reasons for the immense popularity of a 6 man dome tent. However, what can really sway a person from choosing a dome tent over a regular tent would be the fact that it has a modern look that makes sense, and becomes very useful. It reminiscent of an Arabian Nights kind of tent, and this just adds to the allure of a dome tent.

Moreover, the fact that you can comfortably fit in 6 people inside the dome tent makes it a great camping adventure for everyone. From dawn to dusk, you have a chance to keep the group or family together under one roof.

The prices of dome tents maybe a little on the high side, but if you look carefully, and do some surfing on the internet, you will likely come across a good deal on a brand new 6 man dome tent. Some good ones to look for are a Coleman dome tent (especially the Coleman 10 x 10 Sundome tent), a Wenzel tent or a Kelty tent.

Advantages of 6 Man Tents

There are quite a few reasons why you should buy 6 man tents over smaller tents. The 6 man tents come in varying designs and colors, and you will be surprised to see how amazingly modern and logical their design has turned to be.

With a 6 man tent, you have the advantage of being able to bring a big camping group together under one roof or enjoy a couple’s weekend camping with a lot of room and space to make the trip even more relaxing.

If you get the 6 man tent with the Geodesic design, you have the advantage of additional stability because of the design of the frame. Also, with the Geodesic frame, you can stand inside the tent comfortably, and not feel like you are cooped up like a chicken.

A 6 man tent comes with two different kinds of poles: the aluminum poles and the fiberglass poles. The difference between the two poles is that the fiberglass is more flexible which decreases chances of the poles breaking apart as easily. On the other hand, fiberglass poles are more expensive to replace.

If you get the dome-shaped 6 man tents, you have the advantage of the tent being self-supporting. This means that you can set up camp even on concrete floors because you don’t need to use stakes to hold the tent down. Of course, you will need to reinforce the stability of the tent during windy days and nights.

Aside from the technical advantages of the 6 man tents, you have the advantage of price and convenience. This means that since a 6 man tent can accommodate more people under one tent, you do not have to worry about sleeping quarters, setting up several tents, or carrying so many tents with you. Furthermore, you get to save on space and energy because you only have to set up one tent, instead of several. They make fantastic family tents.

As far as the budget is concerned, you can save quite a bit on your purchases because several smaller tents will definitely cost more than one big tent.

The 6 man tent has been getting a lot of attention because of the fact that it looks good and it makes sense to just bring one tent instead of several. In fact, security-wise, you have the additional advantage of having all your personal belongings under one roof, and this means fewer chances of it getting lost or misplaced.

If you don’t plant to camp much, go for an inexpensive 6 man tent. However, if you are a camping fiend like I am, get the best 6 man tent you can afford. Your investment will pay dividends for years to come.

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