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best bikini trimmers

Best Bikini Trimmers

These Are the 9 Top Bikini Trimmers You Can Buy Today!

Nobody likes to experience razor burn, especially in our more personal areas, such as the bikini line. When it comes to keeping our bikini line comfortably clear, we need a quality razor, top bikini trimmer, or other qualified shaving apparatus to really get the job done right. There are a lot of different brands, and trimmer varieties, each with its own special added benefit of size, style, and capabilities. One thing you want to make sure of is that you are using a trimmer that is made to do the bikini line, as other razors and trimmers can be harmful to the tender skin located in those areas.

There are plenty of products that “claim” to be the top bikini trimmers on the market but that is a questionable reality. Every company wants to be the top dog in the industry, but only a few really rise above the rest. You can walk into any department store and potentially find ten or more different bikini trimmers on the shelf. On average, only five of those will be real quality products. Even less could be considered high-quality products, and that doesn’t always mean the most expensive is the best. It can be true that you get what you pay for, but there are exceptions to every rule.

One great way to evaluate a product is to check out the customer reviews along with the product, as we did with our list. We, as consumers can learn from the complaints, compliments, and concerns of others who have purchased and utilized the products in question. There is no shame in researching a product, but in the case of these useful bikini trimmers, we have taken tat initiative for you.

Here are some of our top bikini trimmer picks for a fabulously efficient shave:

Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Moisturing Razor for Women

We will start out with the popular brand, Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle Moisturing Razor for Women, including Bikini Trimmer. This quality shaver has a hydrating razor combined with a waterproof bikini trimmer, providing you with the convenience of an all in one tool. It features a dermatologist-tested hypo-allergenic moisturizing serum that cools that skin. It also will continue replenishing our skin’s own natural moisture for around two hours after we complete the shave. A few of the pros include the five curve “sensing” blades, each with a special skin guard that will literally smooth your skin with each stroke of the blades. This greatly reduces irritation when shaving is easily irritated places. The built in bikini trimmer is waterproof, making it extremely convenient for shaving both in and out of the shower. Even better, it has an adjustable comb to help you create your own custom look, complete with four different settings. This is the only bikini trimmer that you can utilize with a simple flip of the razor. As far as cons go, you do have to purchase replacement tips and a triple A battery is necessary for the trimmer. Overall, this is one of the top bikini trimmers on the market and is possibly the most convenient due to the two in one feature.

bikini trimmer
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Some customer comments are as follows: Four stars, I was new dry shaves and had to look up a tutorial on exactly how to use this shaver/trimmer. Once I learned, it was a discovery I won’t soon abandon. Dry shaves are amazing and this razor does exactly what I want. I will never go back to wet shaves again after using this Schick design. Four stars, I did a comparison with a regular razor and the Schick. My regular shaved leg was still a little prickly, and I had some razor burn. The leg I used the Schick on was incredibly smooth, with no stubble, no burn, no bumps. Perfect shave on the legs, but the bikini trim was a little disappointing. I couldn’t get the shave as close as I wanted. Three stars, I tried all three settings with the bikini and still couldn’t get the shave I wanted. I have very sensitive skin, and this razor just didn’t work for me. Four stars, this is a great trimmer that really speeds up the process. Normally it takes a lot longer to get a good shave in, but this cuts time in two, at the least. It is great if you are in a rush. Five stars, this is the best purchase I’ve made in years. You see a lot of devices that are supposed to speed up your life and help you save time. Most the time they are cheap crap that breaks way too quickly. This trimmer is worth every penny they ask for, which wasn’t much. If you want something to save time and money, this is the device for you.

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

The Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver with Bikini Attachment is another top bikini trimmer to consider when looking for one of the best. It features a four-blade cordless electric razor that includes a bikini trimming attachment and pops up trimmer, perfectly fine for both wet and dry shaving options.

The pros include the four independently floating heads that will trace our curvy contours perfectly, making it perfect for all areas. It has a pivot action shaving head, which is outstanding for shaving the underarms, legs and other areas. Since it is wet or dry, it is perfect for those with a busy life that might need a quick shave on the go. The cons are fairly limited. You do have to maintain the blades properly in order to get the full potential of the device. Overall, this is another of the top bikini trimmers on the market, and an excellent choice for someone who is often on the go. You can just plug it in, get your trip, and be on your way. It is also good for unwanted facial hair, is very lightweight and easy to transport.

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves
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Some customer comments are as follows: Five stars, I am so glad I purchased this razor. Don’t be fooled by previous designs like the ES2207P, this is the one to get. I can catch all the hair in a line the first pass. The blades are extremely sharp, and after having to use several passes with the previous design, I was thrilled with the results. Highly recommend this design. Four stars, This was a learning experience as I’d never tried an electric shaver. It makes an amazing difference and eliminates the need to be a contortionist in the shower. It is a far more pleasant experience than I’ve ever had shaving in the past, and I don’t mind shaving anymore because of this trimmer. One star, I cannot begin to put into words how disappointed in this product I was. I have purchased this shaver, and its predecessor 2 or 3 times over the years, and none of the designs have worked correctly for me. They either didn’t get a close shave, or broke within a few months. I switched to a men’s shaver and have found my disappointments have disappeared. Four stars, it does a great job the first few times. After that, you are lucky if it lasts another 4 shaves. I’ve gotten 8 trims and shaves total out of the two of these I’ve purchased. Not recommending if you don’t want to replace them every few months. Four stars, you get a clean shave every time. I’ve only used it around 3 times, as I’m a new buyer, but man… this is a great little trimmer. I’ve bought a few expensive ones over the years and have never been satisfied. It leaves me feeling so fresh and smooth, my skin is silky smooth.

Braun Silk-Epil FG1100 Bikini Shaver

The Braun Silk-Epil FG1100 is a phenomenal bikini hair removal electric shaver and woman’s trimmer. It features a smaller head, allowing for ultra precision and a very detailed shave and style of the bikini area. Wit has 2 trimming combs, which make it ideal for doing eyebrows and keeping your spots with hair trimmed to a uniform length of your choosing. The pros include the amazing high precision head. It is small and can be used to easily shape the hairline or makes designs of your choosing. It is a T shaved head, which prevents irritation in those personal areas that can be extra sensitive. The two bikini trimming combs provide you with options if you happen to desire a unique cut. Not to mention, Braun has been in operation since 1921, and has gotten very good at creating perfect styling gear. The cons are limited. This product is NOT recommended for anyone who has reduced sensory, mental, or physical conditions. It should also not be stored or used near any standing water, including tubs, sinks, and basins. Overall, this is an amazing product that is easy to use and easily stored. It will give you a perfect bikini line time and time.

Some customer comments are as follows: Four stars, I love it… but it keeps breaking. I have ordered three of these trimmers in an unreasonable amount of time. They don’t seem to last through more than a few full body shaves. Five stars, This provides a very close shave with no nicks or cuts. The skin is smooth with no rash or irritation. It is great. Four stars, I love the attachments! They have several different heads making it convenient for whatever area you want to shave. I prefer the small head instead of the shaver. It seems to work in the bikini area much better. Five stars, I’ve been shaving long time and used standard razors almost religiously. I haven’t picked up a regular razor since I experienced this new electric trimmer. It gives me a cleanest, closest, smoothest cut than I’ve ever had. I will never buy another regular razor again, no matter how many blades it has. Four stars, this is my favorite shaver of all time. It gets a perfect trim with every use and I seldom have to cross over an area twice. The only problem is it breaks after about 15 to 20 uses, maybe a little more. I am on my second one now, and just like the first, it is starting out as a wonderful experience. The downside, it will probably break at the most inopportune time. That is how its predecessor did me, which forced me into a razor cut for the day. Worst day ever.

The Philips HP6378 Deluxe Bikini Trimmer

The Philips HP6378 Deluxe Trimmer is a product of Philips Norelco, who has an outstanding reputation in the shaving industry for electric products. This bikini trimmer features not one, but six attachments, so you can really get creative and with flawless, evenly trimmed lines. It can also be used cordless and charges for use up to an hour. The pros of this trimmer go above and beyond with an epilator function that removes hair for weeks, not days. It also has a maintenance-free design, which makes things easier on you. It comes with a travel bag for convenience, illuminating light up tweezers, and exfoliation glove and the trimmer itself. The cons are limited. The battery holds a charge fairly well, but once it dies, you need to allow for a full charge prior to trying to utilize the trimmer again. If it isn’t fully charged, the performance can be questionable. Overall, this is a high-quality bikini line trimmer that is well worth the investment for today’s busy woman that likes a perfect shave time after time. The epilator top is a unique and very handy feature to remove unwanted hair on the face and other areas for extended periods of time. It also comes in a unique aqua color, unlike most shavers sold in shades of pink. The color and look is still feminine but allows for a different burst of color instead of the average shades often sold.

Some customer comments are as follows: Five stars, this is the Swiss army knife of lady’s electric shavers and trimmers. There are so many different attachments you can virtually do anything with this unit. It is absolutely perfect, no complaints.

Five stars, With arthritis, shaving can be very difficult. However, the epi feature of this wonderful device and the comfort and ease of use make it a joy to use. It really made a difference in my life and the ability to maintain my smooth skin. Four stars, I love this device! It allows me to shape and contour any area I want. I have Hollywood eyebrows thanks to this little device. Four stars, this is probably the best investment I’ve ever made. This product just seems to fall into the hand like an extension of the body.

It is so comfortable to use, trimming is more like gently running your hand across your leg or armpit. This was a beautiful addition to my beauty regime that replaced at least 3 other devices. Five stars, how can you complain about a trimmer that cuts your time in half and makes you look like you’ve just had an expensive makeover.

Every time I use this trimmer I feel like I should be walking out the door and in front of a camera. It gives me the perfect trim each and every time. I have never experienced anything like this… other than waxing at a salon, and the pain involved in that is just not something I can handle. The Philips HP6378 Deluxe Trimmer is an in-home salon without ever dealing with the more barbaric salon methods. I have pain free maintenance thanks to this trimmer.

Cleancut PS335 Bikini Shaver

The Japanese made Cleancut PS335 is made by Cleancut and features a thin, easy to maneuver design with a T head. It was designed for use anywhere on the body, so you don’t have to limit use to the bikini area alone. It cuts extremely close to the skin while managing to eliminate any nicks, pinching, pulling or cuts. The small head design makes it perfect for underarms, facial hair and the bikini area. The pros on this item are the incredible shave it provides with no discomfort. It allows for a very close to the skin shave and can even be used for beards and perfect moustache trims on men. The cons for this product are a little higher than the competition. It does not give a clean, smooth shave. Instead, you will always have a bit of stubble, though it is close to the skin. It also has a very limited warranty, giving consumers only one year total, which is less than the competition. It absolutely should not be used in water or submerged in water. That will instantly destroy this unit. Overall, if you don’t mind a little stubble and prefer a dry shave, this isn’t a bad razor to consider. There are much better products available, but they are more expensive. In the long run with this shaver, you do get exactly what you pay for.

Some customer comments are as follows: Five stars, this really takes care of any unruly area issue you may have. It cuts close, clean and doesn’t cause any rash or irritation. Normally, I have horrible problems with razor burn, but with this little device, I haven’t had any issues since prior to my first use. One star, this is a great trim.

It does exactly what they claim. It’s a very close shave, a very clean shave, and you will find no complaints with the actual functionality of this product. The problem is… this product is cheaply made. I believe it to be the lowest grade plastic available. It also doesn’t always come on as it should. I have to take it apart and reposition the things that get lost when you use it. It has a very shabby construction but a great shave. Five stars, I cannot complain about the quality of this product and how great a job it does. It doesn’t look like it will work very well, but it really packs a punch. You get a clean, painless shave that leaves your skin looking vibrant, with no rash or discoloration.

My skin is sensitive and it works great for me. Four stars, this is the best design I’ve ever experienced with a trimmer. The small head is perfect for those difficult to reach places, and its contoured perfectly for that hair that grows places you really wish it wouldn’t. I’ve never had a better trimmer. Five stars, I’ve paid a lot more than this for trimmers in the past and received nothing but trouble. It is amazing the promises people will make for an expensive product and then leave you wanting. That is not the case with the Cleancut PS335. It keeps all the promises it makes and you won’t find a better trimmer. It is especially good if you have very fine, thin hair in some spots. It is tough enough to catch it, but gentle enough to not cause any burning or rashes during the process.

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaver

Panasonic is a name that is known and loved for many products, and the Panasonic ES246AC is no different. It features a portable design that is compact and efficient, adjustable trim settings, and it s battery operated. This means no cords to get tangled or get in the way. The pros for this product start with the use of double-A batteries, so whenever things get slow, just toss in new batteries.

The convenient design makes it very easily transported anywhere you want to go. It allows you to get as close to the skin as you choose with a five-position head, aka no separate attachments that can be hard to keep track of or easily lost. It is waterproof, so you can use it comfortably in the bath, shower or washbasin.

It is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand. Plus, it comes with its own cleaning brush, to help it stay functional for many years. The cons for this item are the small pieces included, which can be a choking hazard for the little ones. Also, using batteries alone can actually lessen the strength of the device.

Batteries don’t always give us the power we need to get a perfect shave over a larger area. If you plan on shaving often and in large areas, this device may not be the perfect one to consider. Overall, the Panasonic ES246AC is not a bad shaver, especially for the price. You don’t have to worry about tangled cords, which is an added bonus, but that does tend to lessen the power of shaving devices.

Some customer comments are as follows: Five stars, this is a great tool for women of color, or anyone with thicker, courser hair than average. It really gets the job done, unlike many other trimmers I’ve tried in the past. I highly recommend this to women who have issues with other trimmers. Five stars, this trimmer really gets the job done. I’d use this before breaking out a razor with shaving cream any day. Razors are a thing of the past in my life now. One star, I’ve read all the reviews, but I can’t agree.

The clippers keep nagging me and grabbing the hair in clumps. It has proven to be a very painful and disappointing experience for me. One star, I thought this was going to be the greatest trimmer ever made according to the reviews, but it has become the biggest purchase disappointment I’ve ever experienced.

This trimmer literally broke after only a few uses, which made the situation even more distressing. Five stars, a friend referred me to this wonderful little trimmer. I had never even considered going electric in my more personal areas, much less my armpits. The Panasonic ES246AC was worth every penny and has really made a difference in my life. I’d struggle to see every little hair and pull with tweezers, or nick myself with a razor every time for decades. Now, I just roll this little guy right over the top of all those spots I’d suffer through for seemingly ever before. I am ready in less than half the time now, which really makes my husband happy. No more late for reservations thanks to the Panasonic!!!

The Tezam Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal System

The Tezam Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal System is a fantastic buy for the cost. It features a facial body epilator, along with a trimmer/groomer razor for the armpit, face, bikini area and legs, if desired. It is a 2 in 2 wet or dry use device, which makes it great for trips, or spur of the moment shaves. The epilating function really opens a lot of doors to increase the length of time that the unwanted hair stays gone. The pros for this item begin with the fact it is an “all in one” shaving system. It pulls hair out at the root, extending the time you have hair or stubble-free.

It is powerful, and has the umph it needs to get rid of that unwanted hair. The Tezam is rechargeable and has an ergonomic handle design, which allows you to experience the utmost in comfort with a close shave without irritating any sensitive skin. It also comes with its own charging stand for the lithium batteries cordless charging, which can be very convenient. The cons for the item are it must be charged for a full 8 hours, after which you only get 45 minutes of use. This means you have to shave quickly… or hope you don’t have a lot of hair to rid yourself of. It only has two different speeds, so comfort can be limited in some areas, and the warranty is only 1 year, with limitations.

Overall, this is a great bikini trimmer for some areas, but isn’t something you would want for extensive use do to the charging issues. Most trimmers will provide an hour of use, though they might slow down a little towards the end. For the cost, you can’t really argue with the quality. It does work out well for those who want a quick trim or plan on epilating a few facial hairs ever so often.

Some customer comments are as follows: Five stars were really nervous about this purchase, but glad I made it. It provides a smooth, clean shave. Four stars, it takes three to four passes in order to get a smooth shave, but after that last pass, the skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom. Five stars and this product doesn’t leave bumps or red marks like some shavers that I’ve used in the past. Two stars, because the charging stand didn’t function correctly. I left the product plugged in for two days, though it said eight hours. The reason for the delayed charge was the light never turned to green and fully charged. Very disappointed.

Five stars, no more spending money on razors and shaving gels. Very pleased with this product and the chance of me purchasing another if and when it wears out are very, very high. This is the greatest shaver I’ve ever experienced and overall, I am extremely happy I made this purchase. One star, I never really got this to work right. The charging stand worked at times, and other times it didn’t. It was very frustrating when on a time schedule I would go in to get ready and find my trimmer not ready to give me a trim. I ended up having to keep razors handy for all those, “just in case” days the Tezam and I shared. Now, when it worked, it did an amazing job, so no complaints with its functionality when it functioned. This is one of those razors that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket with.

Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer

For an especially compact and simple to keep bikini trimmer, this product is unflawed. This miniature hair trimmer is minute enough to be kept in a purse and even though you wish to bring all the accessories, you will not become aware of any extra weight to bear.

A clipping head accessory permits you to utilize this trimmer on not just the bikini zone, but the face’s delicate skin as well. It is simple with this trimmer to get rid of hairs on the face and attain a silky and velvety outcome. The precision clipping head accessory permits you to mold your eyebrows to absolute accuracy without requiring to be an expert. Whether you just need to clip your eyebrow hairs to a smaller extent, or if you want to attempt molding your eyebrows, this an excellent selection. In addition to these additions, let us not overlook that this is a first-rate bikini trimmer as well. You can utilize the adaptable extent clipping accessory to lightly clip the bikini zone while also being capable of attaining accurate bikini shaping with silken effects. Contained with this trimmer is a series of lavish tweezers, which includes a light and mirror to permit you to easily catch any stray hairs.

This lightweight and multipurpose trimmer is ideal for lots of uses and to cause it to be especially convenient, it is battery operated instead of depending on a power cord to function. As a last advantage, this trimmer is one of the most appealing trimmers on the market with its girlish pink colors and slender pattern.

Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer

This product is one of the top razors on the market providing a totally clean and intimate shave without having to ignore a similar zone. While lots of razors have only one or two razorblades, like its name implies, the Quattro has four slender razorblades that are positioned parallel to each other. In addition, these razor blades are positioned close to a conditioning strip of acai, jojoba, and aloe Vera. Your skin is left not just silken, but cared for and moistened to evade developing a razor burn inflammation rash. You can utilize this shaver both in water, such as while in the bath or shower or dry or with shaving cream. This product permits you to clip more elongated hairs in leading up to shaving or for a neater style. It can be effortlessly charged is excellent for taking a trip.

These top bikini trimmers are all exceptional, even if it is for a short time. Each one has a strength and weakness of some type, but that is to be expected. The important thing is to know exactly what it is you are purchasing, both on the positive and negative sides. Having a dependable trimmer is important, so you don’t want your choice to jeopardize getting somewhere on time, be it out for a night, work-related, or an important event. These are currently some of the top bikini trimmers you can get on the market, and all have some great reviews and a few bad ones. We hope you find this helpful when considering your next bikini trimmer purchase. It is important we have the capability to look our best if we want too.

Selecting the Best Bikini Trimmer

A bikini trimmer is an individual tool and as such ought to be an individual decision. Whether you have stiff or light hair or a particular type of skin, this will decide what is right for you. Lots of alternatives for the utilization of the trimmer also exist. If you have lots of zones on your body expertly waxed but wish to utilize a shaver on your body’s more delicate zones, then a precision trimmer might be the best alternative for you. However, if you wish to utilize the shaver for all your body’s zones, then a hammer-head pattern shaver could be improved.

Clipping the Bikini Zone

It is imperative that prior to you starting clipping the bikini zone, you have wiped the hairs. This will lessen the buildup of grease on the hairs and guarantee that you can obtain as efficient a clip as likely without inflaming the skin. Check you understand what you wish to accomplish from clipping the bikini zone. If you wish to clip to a particular pattern, you ought to utilize bikini-zone stencils as these will aid in ensuring that the clip remains as neat as likely.

If the hair has turned out to be extremely elongated, you will reduce the clipping razorblades and could bring about inflammation. Therefore, you ought to check that you utilize scissors initially to clip any hairs that are especially elongated prior to you beginning. Adjust the bikini trimmer to the hair-extent guide that you require prior to utilization if your trimmer offers you this alternative, or for a more intimate cut, you can eliminate any clipping guides in general.

Advantages of Possessing a Bikini Trimmer

You might question why you would require a trimmer if you epilate or shave often. If you have ever had a problem with your epilator tearing hairs instead of removing them from the skin, it could be because of the fact that the hair is simply extremely elongated for the epilator. Additionally, shaving hair that has become extremely elongated, particularly in the bikini zone, can make you jerk and yank on the hair, bringing unwarranted pain. Apart from the pain, there is substantial harm to the skin as well when shaving hair that is extremely elongated because of inflammation and probably cutting of the skin that can happen.

While a few users desire the most intimate likely shave, others might instead only clip the hairs to keep the area neat and clean. This is another feature that you ought to consider when attempting to choose what trimmer or shaver to buy. The extent and contour of the trimmer or shaver are also imperative. If you are just utilizing the tool at home, then the extent or contour will probably not be too much of an issue for purposes of storage. However, if you need to bring a trip and wish to bring the bikini trimmer with you, you ought to think about a more minute trimmer that can be effortlessly kept in a purse or luggage.

There are lots of distinct trimmers on the market for you to try. You can locate trimmers that also are intended to work on the body’s other zones, possibly retaining you the expense of having to buy an extra tool, such as an epilator. You can choose water-resistant bikini trimmers or ones with lots of accessories. You have lots of selection when it also comes to selecting a power source for your trimmer. With all these qualities and benefits, locating the ideal trimmer for the bikini are has never been more likely.

These short top bikini trimmer examinations provide some notable insight into five of the top bikini trimmers currently on the market. Remember your specific requirements when you come to choose your bikini trimmer with the intention of you choosing the one that has all the functionality you require. Bring into account that to obtain the best likely shave when you are anticipating an intimate shave for silken skin, you ought to check that you utilize some scissors to clip the hairs to a more appropriate extent. If the shaver has a trimmer adapter, utilize that prior to switching to the shave function. If you wish to do more with your trimmer, check that you select the one that does eyebrows, epilation, or all over the body, conditional on what you require.

Bikini Shaving tips

If you don’t know how to properly shave your bikini area these tips may help you. You need to master the art of how to shave my bikini line without getting razor rash without getting burns that we get down there when we’re shaving wrong.

It is such a natural thing like every single human being grows pubic hair some people grow a lot of people hair some people grow very little pubic hair some people grow near to none.  So we’re all different but we all do grow it so you know it’s a completely normal thing to talk about shaving is a very personal choice like it’s completely up to you like some people don’t like shaving some people don’t shave at all never remove their pubic hair some people like to shave and it makes them feel clean some people just don’t like having any body hair on their body and some people do it for their boyfriend or their spouse or their lover we all have different reasons for shaving.

The first tip is to pre trim your pubic hair.

 This is so important and this is more in regards to if you have a big Bush or you haven’t shaved down there in quite a number of weeks or months you’ve been maybe neglecting it a little bit. If your hair is quite long and you need to go in and trim them before you start shaving because if you don’t pre-trimmed those hairs you’re going clog up your razor. You’re going cut yourself and it’s just going be a nasty messy situation that we want to avoid. So make sure you pre-trim that pubic hair.

 The second tip is to soften the hair follicles by taking a bath or a shower.

 Now, this is quite important and I feel like this is a step that some people tend to just neglect. I just don’t really bother doing if you dry shave, you are going to get irritated and you are going to get inflamed. There is no way of avoiding red lumps if you are dry shaving. You need to let the pores open and let your hair follicles really soften.  So what I always recommend is to have a bath or a shower before shaving your bikini line. Lot of people make this mistake that is they’ll just get in the shower and literally just start shaving their bikini line or their vagina and that is the worst thing you can do like if you get straight in the bathroom and the first thing you’re doing is shaving your vagina you are going get irritated there is no doubt about that. You need to let the area soften and you need to let those pores open so make sure you do it last.

 Tip number three is going to be our biggest Savior and what we are going to use to actually shave with.

We’re not going to use shower gel, we’re not going to use shaving cream, we’re not going to use conditioner. I hear a lot of girls saying that they use conditioner to shave their vagina but this is one of the worst things you could probably do because if you’re using conditioner it could very easily be throwing the pH balance of your vagina off. Which is something that you really do want to be avoided as if your pH balance is off you are much more prone to infections? So what I recommend to use to shave your bikini line with is something you’ve probably know – Olive Oil. yes, it is olive oil the one you used to cook your food well. Use extra virgin Olive Oil which is amazing to shave bikini area. Just pour a little bit in hands and rub your palms together and then you will basically just like soak the area in olive oils you want to shave. Just let that soak in for about a minute or two because you don’t want to go straight in and shaving because your hair would not have soaked. so what this is going to do it’s going to really soften your hair and get them really prepared for shaving and something else it does also moisturizing the area while softening the hair. It’s basically like a two-in-one.

Tip number four is what razor we’re going to be using

I would highly recommend using the above-mentioned products.

Make our skin flat and make sure it’s tight. This is quite hard to explain but basically what you’re going to want to do is and make the skin tight if the skin is loose you are going to cut yourself. So make your bikini line your vagina as flat as possible.   What you want to do is like pull the skin up so the area is as flat as possible. If you don’t pull it up you are a lot more likely to get a cat because if the skin is loose it’s harder to get a very good close shave.

tip number six is going to be how we’re actually going to shave our pubic hair.

 You need to shave slowly and gently. If you’re shaving in a rush you are going to get irritated and you are going to cut yourself.  You need to be very careful when you’re doing this because Your vagina is such a sensitive delicate area so what you’re going to do first is shave in the direction that the hair is growing.  Shave down and do not under any circumstances just go in and start shaving upwards because I feel like this is the problem that a lot of us girls make. because that’s what girls always used to do areas like your legs and your underarms. If you are going ahead and shave and upwards there’s nothing wrong with that because these areas aren’t very sensitive or delicate whereas with your vagina you need to shave in the same direction as the hair.  So once you have shaved downwards you will go ahead and put a little bit more olive oil on the area just to make sure the area is constantly soft and moisturized and ready to be shaved. so then you will go ahead and go side to side very gently and carefully and slowly and if after shaving downwards and side to side hasn’t gotten rid of all the hairs and you’re still not quite happy with the outcome and how it’s looking you can then go ahead and shave upwards.

Go ahead and clean the area with body wash or whatever you normally use to clean your area preferably unscented because scented things can irritate you down there and lead to infections. You want to clean the area to make sure you’re getting rid of all the dead skin cells on the surface and this will also help to prevent ingrown hairs.

 The next thing you want to do is to close the pores so whether you want to just get a cloth and soak that in cold water and just hold it over the area or whether you want to just you know to turn the shower to cold and rinse the area with cold water.

I cannot stress the importance of the next tip. once you’re out with the shower and your vagina shaved and you’re all clean I know you’re going to be so tempted to reach for that sexy little tong of yours because you know you’re feeling all sexy, but don’t do it. the type of underwear you need to be reaching for once you shave your bikini area is underwear that’s 100% cotton. what the cotton is going do is it basically allows your skin to breathe and recover and in the process preventing ingrown hairs which is something we want to be preventing.

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