Best Bowie Knife For Survival

Best Bowie Knife For Survival

The term “Bowie Knife” was coined during the 18th century when a man “Jim Bowie’ used it to kill another during a family duel. It is an instrument that serves a number of purpose with varying size and length.  It is fast becoming a household property which everyone tends to have. The story behind it is evergreen, the purposes enormous, the types differentiated and the specification qualitative. The original Bowie knife was created by James Black for Jim Bowie back in 1830.

The best type of bowie knife for survival depends on its quality and manner of use. Unarguably, the best type is that which fulfills the qualitative requirements for its specification. The knife is made from high carbon steel which makes it light, durable and the blade is always very sharp. It must have a full tang, with the blade size about 5-24 inches with a sheath to cover the blade in order to sustain its sharpness. In addition, the knife is expected to have a 90-degree spine, non-coated surface, plain non-serrated blade, and exercise durability and tenacity.

It serves a lot of purposes. The knife could be used for hunting, to kill games and skin animals. The tenacity and length of the blade make it possible to easily take off fur and skin from animals. It also helps in making provision for shelter as it can be used to cut down woods and leaves shrub to make roofs of huts. In addition, it is an assurance instrument of self-defense. Though, in most parts of the world, it is illegal to carry arms without being licensed. The bowie knife is used as a form of protection from danger and to scare away or attack predators. In fact, the historical development that culminated in the use of the knife was a story of self-defense when it was used to kill during an inter-family feud.

Bowie knives are used contemporarily in some military and paramilitary training. This is to learn the art of handling it and how to guard against the attack. It has become a common occurrence to see military men and martial artists displaying knives when necessary. The size of the knife makes it possible to be kept in the pocket or specially made sacks hanged around the belt or pocket region and can as well fit in beside shoes.

The best type of bowie knife is that which cuts a picture of all the above specifications mentioned. However, the purpose of the knife would determine the type to be used. The common types of bowie knife include Ma Bar Becker BK9, EseeJunglas, Timber Rattler Western Outlaw, Buck Frontier rug, MoraknivBushcraft Pathfinder, Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie, Gerber Winchester large bowie knife, Case Cutlery, etc.

It is therefore pertinent to say the best bowie knife for survival depends on the context of the survival. Survival in the form of arms is quite different from survival in game hunting and the provision of shelter. Regardless, the knife must meet the above-listed specifications and perform the expected duties as it should be.

Top 4 Bowie Knives You Should Own

My picks for the top five Bowie style fixed blade knives. for this list, we’re going to be breaking down the best Bowie knives on the market from traditional Bowie to tactical Bowie and everything in between.  this list is guaranteed to have you wishing that you had one of the large fixed blade knives made popular by the legend of Jim Bowie and the sandbar fight in notches Louisiana

Number Four the SP Raider Bowie from Ontario knives

the Raider Bowie not only has to appeal by being a tactical fixed blade knife but is also only fifty dollars in making it the most budget-friendly knife on this list.  this knife excels in its aesthetics the versatility of its tactical sheet as well as having comfortable ergonomic rubber handles.  however, the knife is a bit heavy weighing in at just under a pound and a half and the blade grind on it has difficulty biting into the wood compared to the other knives.  we tested meaning that it’s not particularly suited for outdoor cutting and chopping cast but it should still prove useful in hand-to-hand combat.

Number Three the undertaker Bowie from Condor knife and tool

this traditional bowie knife hails from El Salvador yet retains all of the classic features we know and love in the United States.  these features include the classic coffin handle shape which was a common feature in antique Bowie knives as well as having wooden handles and a leather sheath. although this knife didn’t offer much control with fine cutting tasks it did do well with chopping as well as it was very comfortable and hand it’s also worth noting that. the blade was a bit difficult to get in and out of the sheath but perhaps over time, that issue will resolve itself as the leather wears in.

Number two the Prather war Bowie from tops knives

is a modern take on the classic bowie design the war Bowie retains the same clip point shape as the original but it substitutes the finger guard for a large finger choil and switches the traditional handle materials for the micarta material now common on present-day outdoor fixed blades.  all things considered, this knife definitely put a smile on her face –is while we were testing it but we did notice that chopping tasks hard our hand a bit over time so keep that in mind.

Number One the coca bola gold rush Bowie from Baron Sun cutlery

is one of the only knives that we tested that I can’t think of a single drawback. it has the classic look and feel of a bowie blade it cuts and chops well the handle is ergonomic and can easily be wheeled for Handheld combat and to top it off it is overpriced. combine all those things with its great leather sheath and you have a bowie knife that will appeal to both Bowie collectors and dads who just want a big old camp knife to sharpen sticks.

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