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Best Double Umbrella Stroller Review

Best Double Umbrella Stroller Review

Umbrella strollers are the most handy baby transportation means available. Just like its name, an umbrella stroller can be folded just like umbrella and be put into storage whenever it is not in use.

Double umbrella strollers can accommodate two infants who can either be twins or close in age and size. There are various types of double umbrella strollers, each made to suit each type of guardian out there.

When one is looking for a stroller, there are a few things that need to be considered before making a purchase. This could act like a guide for making your budget, as different types of strollers have different prices. Heavy duty strollers tend to be the most expensive ones while the simple ones are on the cheaper end. Buying a stroller will also depend on the kind of terrain you intend on using it and where you live. For example, some strollers could be too big to fit your doorway, while others could be too light to be used in some areas. One should also keep in mind the age of their children. If they are twins, or almost the same age, then side to side strollers could be the best fit. If the children differ in size, then ultimately one of the best strollers would be a sit and stand tandem stroller. The younger one might sleep or sit the entire time and the older one might prefer to stand instead.

Once you have decided what you are looking for, plan the price at which you are comfortable paying for the stroller. They all have different costs, so research will help you make a calculated decision.

ZOE XL2 BEST v2 Lightweight Double Travel & Everyday Umbrella Twin Stroller System


On plain site, the ZOE umbrella XL2 double stroller looks classy and strong. It has a bold structure and minimal details, but the features are clearly visible, something that buyers look for. It obviously has two equal spaces in which to put a baby that are placed side to side. This stroller is by Zoe, which a top producer of anything to do with baby transport, so you can be sure that the quality you get is among the best.


Some of its features include: two cup holders that are child sized, and one cup older that is parent sized. Cup holders are one of the important features in strollers since moving around with a kid will most definitely require some food or drink. Cup holders help you to avoid the mess and therefore you encounter less stress while travelling. There is also an additional snack cup with this.

Another feature is the storage pockets. We can all agree that infants require a lot wherever they are, the more stuff that can be carried the better because one needs to be prepared for anything when it comes with infants. This is a great stroller because in addition, there is also one large storage basket where you can fit anything that you either did not carry in your bag or that could not fit in the storage pockets. This basket can be ideal for diapers or a baby shawl. It has been placed in a way that your items are not far from reach when you need them. This makes it so convenient.

This stroller is made with aluminum frames that provide a strong support for your baby. It ensures that the stroller retains its structure even after a long period of time after purchase. This means that it will take some time before it wears out. Speaking of durability, its tires have an incredible lifetime warranty. If anything was to happen to the tires for whatever reason under your ownership, you are guaranteed that ZOE will either replace them or fix them, depending on the damage.

The canopies are another great feature. They are not just plain ordinary canopies, since they have been made with a magnetic peekaboo. This is good because you can be able to have a good to view of your infant without much hustle. Apart from the peekaboo, this canopy has hidden extensions so the canopy can be adjusted however way that is preferred.

Not to mention the padded double front belly bar. This is the perfect addition to the whole set up. At 16lbs this stroller is extra light weight. It also has a deep reclining seat of 135 degrees, which has been rated to 18 kgs and has the ability to hold 50lbs per seat.

On top of it all, it has a quick compact fold. All this qualify the stroller to be highly mobile for long distance travel by any means of transport. This is great because the adult will not need to worry about transporting the stroller whenever the need arises.


There are many good things about this stroller. For instance, the fact that it is light makes it easier to be handled. Also having a quick fold is an advantage because it can help save time and energy when the stroller needs to be put away either when travelling or just in the car.

Another good thing is the added storage that will give you room for things that cannot fit in a bag. Double umbrella strollers add convenience which single umbrellas have.


Like all other double umbrellas, it will take up more space in whatever place you are living. This type of stroller due to its features might also cost a little more than some strollers which are just plain and simple.

Customer review

This product has been able to receive 4.3 out of five stars. Many of its customers talked about how they were pleased with its light weight and ability to be taken to many places including long distance travel.

There have also been complains about the padding which can easily be adjusted by the specific parent according to their liking.

Overall, this is a good stroller and o would highly recommend it.



The city select double stroller has to be the most versatile stroller yet. It is a product of the baby jogger company, which has been around since 1984. This company focuses on products by parents for parents, so they really know what they’re doing.

This stroller looks like a single stroller, because the second seat is not permanently fixed, and can be reclined to the liking of the parent, either to face them, to face the front or to face the sibling.

It is however not meant for jogging, like other products by the company.


It has the same width as a single stroller. Therefore, challenges of maneuvering in tight spaces, like the ones experienced with other conventional double strollers, are not experienced.

It comes with a second seat bracket, so you have an option to use it with just one infant or two. This means that it is a tandem type of stroller. You can also adjust it according to your height. This is thanks to its telescoping handlebar, and it will work well for you if you and your partner vary in considerable amount of height. To make it even more convenient, it has a button that enables reclining when pushed, instead of exerting so much energy.

The parking break is operated by the hand as well, so this makes everything so much easier. This stroller is built as a travel system. It can accommodate travelling needs whenever you are travelling with your baby. You can turn it into a pram, and it can be a single, double and even triple stroller. This customization is probably the best thing about this stroller, because you are able to make up to 16 different types of combinations with the appropriate fixtures.

However, the additional attachments that you will need such as bassinet kits, car seats and accessories are sold separately. To provide maximum comfort for the baby, the seats are padded and the foot well can be adjusted to many different positions.

The canopy also has an adjustable peekaboo magnetic window that lets you check on the infant at any time without causing disturbance. Even better, the canopy is also equipped with UV 50+ protection, so you do not have to worry about harmful sun rays damaging the baby’s skin.

As for the wheels, they have great abilities to add to this great package as well. They are, for the rear wheels, 12” forever air and for the front, 8” lightweight dual quick release wheels with front wheel suspension. There are options available, to choose between locking and swivel wheels according to the surrounding. The feature that makes this stroller unique is its one step fold patent operating system. No other stroller is made this exact way.

This makes moving with this stroller is so easy and folding cannot get easier than only using one step to do it. Being so basic saves time and effort while making it so convenient at the same time.


This umbrella is great for a lot of things. For one, the fact that it can be turned into a single stroller is a plus that lacks in other others. And although it is a tandem, it is stilling is a very good stroller.

Another thing is its flexibility to customization, and the many tools and parts that can be attached manually to give it many looks, unlike the rest. It is also great for busy places coz it doesn’t take much space.


Because it is a bit longer, it might be hard to give equal undivided attention to both children at the same time. The view of the parent from above is also compromised due to the length, meaning that one child might be out of reach. A lot of attachments have to be bought to enjoy the full benefits of owning this stroller. Customer review This stroller has received 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers love this stroller for its adjustable handles and light weight. They also cited that is easy to steer and that the pockets make it even more convenient. There was however a little complaining about difficulty in assembly, however most comments were positive and praising it, for doing what it claimed it is able to do.



The ZOE umbrella XL2 double stroller deluxe is has all the features of the best version but bigger and better. It is an improved version by ZOE meant to accommodate anything that was left out of the best stroller. Even with all the modifications, it still manages to be a lightweight stroller that is very portable and convenient for the big city life.


It has a larger, full seat colored comfort pad. Unlike the best version this one is more colorful for those people that like to go big.

Even the harness strap covers are colored. One of the features of tis stroller that makes it deluxe is its big size and colorful material made for the big city use. It has four panel shade canopies which are extendable.

There are magnetic peekaboo windows at the top as well, which will help in keeping an eye on the little one without much bother. Magnetic peekaboo windows are handy since you won’t wake up the baby by accident when checking up on them. The canopies have hidden extensions that allow the stroller to look simple even though it is not.

Just like the other version it has pockets where you can store random things that you might need when travelling or moving around with your baby such as diapers, or even groceries you got when you were out with the baby.

The features also include two cup holders for your baby and one cup holder for the grown up. There is also a snack tray for the baby. This will help you avoid the mess associated with having to put them in a bag where there is a chance for spillage. It also helps you to save the time that would be taken to retrieve the drink from a bag every time either you or the baby felt hungry or thirsty, and having to put them back.

For efficiency, this stroller is extra lightweight at 16lbs, and it also has a quick fold system that allows you to be able to take it anywhere without struggling to put it away or retrieve it. Its seats can recline to 135degrees, so it is flexible enough to accommodate what the baby is doing at the moment.

The frame is made of aluminum, therefore it is very strong and will probably stay in good condition for a really long time. This means that you will not have to worry about damaging the structure or wearing it out.

You will also not have to worry about the wheels failing. This is because they have a lifetime warranty and you are guaranteed to get them fixed or replaced by ZOE for free whenever there is a problem under your care.

The front double belly bar is double padded, ensuring safety and comfort for your baby. Its seats have been tested and rated at 18kgs, and can carry 50lbs worth of weight per seat. This proves that it is also very strong.


For one, this stroller is strong and reliable, and an improved version of the former best.

It is good for the urban lifestyle with its bright colors and impressive size. Its features are suited for any modern parent and it acts as a big help for people who are always on the move because of its ability to be closed very quickly in a very simple way.

It has also accommodated the needs on any parent moving with two kids, with its impressive storage space, as two children often need so much to be carried between the two of them.


The major disadvantage of this stroller is its width. This can prove to be a challenge when moving in tight spaces or in a crowded place. This stroller is also more expensive than its counterparts, because of the fact that it is an improved version of its best version.

Also, since it is not as popular as a single stroller or even a cheaper one for that matter, finding nice accessories might be a problem for you.

Customer reviews

This product managed a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most comments were about its compactness.

Customers loved that it was easy to fold and operate. Its size was also commended and its ability to carry infants effortlessly. It is said to be easy to assemble with few very simple steps. Also the wide extendable canopies are a favorite with customers, especially those who live in places that are sunny most of the time. They work well and are convenient because of the hidden extensions.



This sit and stand double stroller by baby trend is one of its kind. Baby trend produces so many unique and quality products, and this one did not disappoint. What makes it unique is the fact that it can hold two infants, one at the front and another at the rear, and the one at the rear has an option to either sleep sit or stand. It has been built with accommodation for the little one to stand like the parents, once old enough and it has capacity for children weighing 50lbs.


The best feature in this stroller is obviously the standing platform that has been provided at the rear of the stroller. It adds an interesting and exciting twist that would be enjoyed by infants. Especially if your child gets very restless really quickly, just make them stand up so they can see everything with you.

You don’t even need two children for this stroller, although it has originally been made for two babies. You can get it if you have a child who simply has so much energy and refuses to settle down.

Even though it is a complex stroller, it is easy to operate with its one hand fold system that allows you to fold it one step with just one hand.

It has canopies to protect the child from sunrays. Sun rays and beams can damage a baby’s skin when they are young, so the canopies play a very important role in protecting the baby and keeping it healthy.

There is a feeding tray for the infant, so they can feed on their own with minimal supervision from the adult. This is a good piece of item that will save time especially if you are in a hurry and cannot feed your hungry baby. This tray is removable, which make it easy to clean in case of spillage or anything.

It has an organizer for you. Having a baby means that you will not have time to put things in order. Therefore, little things like having an organizer in the stroller can go a long way into getting yourself organized, even just a little bit. You can put your phone or keys in there among other things.

It also includes a storage basket for bigger things like baby shawls and diapers. This stroller has also been built in such a way that it accommodates car seats. It has a flex loc and a 5 point safety harness, so the infant has an option to sit directly on it.

However the car seats will be sold separately. The seats in it can recline so you can adjust them according to what the child is doing or is most comfortable with. When you want to park, or if you need to concentrate on something for a while, then you are sorted because it has a parking break that can be used anytime you want to stop or make the stroller stagnant.


One thing about this stroller is obviously that it has a feature that allows one of the children to stand. This means that the age gap can be significantly big and it would not matter.

It will accommodate a child who can walk but gets tired and prefers to stand and be pushed around.

Also, the storage space is a much needed feature, as it can be hectic to move with two very young kids at the same time, since they would need a lot more stuff as compared to having to move with just one baby.


One of the major concern about the sit and stand double stroller is the five point harness. It could be a challenge fitting it on the baby.

Also the storage space could a little far from reach of the parent, making it less convenient to use. Its wheels are somewhat big and this could get in the way when trying to fold it. Therefore care would need to be taken in order to do it in the proper way.

Customer review

This product got a vote of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Customers rave about its affordable price, considering it has so many sitting options.

Compared to the rest, which cost a considerable amount of money more than this one, this is a good option. They have also cited that it is easy to open and close. There has been a complain however, about a slight learning curve.



This stroller is by delta children, a family owned company, in the industry of juvenile products. It is one of the biggest companies in its line and provides its customers with a wide variety of affordable children appliances.

Tandem strollers have the same width as single strollers, but fit two infants by placing them one in front of the other instead of side by side like the common double strollers.

The delta children LX side tandem umbrella stroller has a very unique and interesting look. On plain site, the seating position would seem to be on top of each other, but it actually longer and therefore able to accommodate the sitting position at the front. Tandem strollers are convenient especially for moving around in a crowd or maneuvering a narrow space. Features It can fit through a 30” standard door, which is so impressive, since some of the side by side strollers are too wide to fit through this kind of space.

It has a compact umbrella style fold, which is good either for storage or travel. One of its great features is its canopy. It is a European style canopy that is relatively large. This will provide protection from all sorts of weather, whether it is sunny windy or raining, this canopy will do the trick.

Its wheels are also special because they can rotate 360 degrees, so you would not have to worry about getting stuck while pushing it. Another thing about the wheels is that they are shock absorbers. This means that whenever there is a minor disturbance while you’re on the move, the wheels will prevent the child from feeling the impact. This is good especially if the child was sleeping, they can stay asleep.

It has a reclining setting that provides for different positions in which the baby can be placed. This allows you to adjust according to the baby’s current activity. It is also made in a way that allows you to fold it in very simple steps. This makes it easy to be on the move without worrying about how to store the stroller.

It also has a lightweight frame, adding on to its portability. The parent will not struggle with the weight while travelling anywhere. It has two very much welcomed large hanging bags that can be used for all kinds of storage. They can come in handy, when you are on the move, as you will not have to carry much in your bag, and you can just put whatever necessary items are in excess in those storage bags. You could even put some groceries in there if you wanted to.

In addition, there is a parent cup holder for your preferred choice of beverage when moving around with the baby. Something that can be quite a challenge. Built for comfort, it is designed with a five point harness, which has soft shoulder pads that will sit very well on your baby. Harnesses are handy because they keep the child in position and they also work as a safety measure for the stroller. They are a need and having them be comfortable would be really good for the baby.

One of the best things about this item is that, its parts are eligible for free replacement at the place of purchase.

In addition to that, it has met and exceeded all the ASTM standards, and it has conformed to all applicable CPSC standards. You are therefore guaranteed that this stroller is of the best possible quality, and it will serve you for a good amount of time without wearing out.


The main advantage of a tandem stroller is that it is cheaper compared to other side by side double strollers. They also allow for easy navigation because it is really light and easy to push around. This makes it easy to go to places without using too much of your energy.

This tandem stroller is also super convenient for travelling, since it is really easy to fold and open, and it is also light, so it would not be a problem lifting it up for storage.

Most importantly, you can use this stroller with kids of significant difference in age without a problem.


For starters, this stroller could be subject to being flimsy, since it is not heavy duty compared to the side by side double strollers.

It is small and the canopies might not be sufficient enough to provide the needed amount of shade from wind, sun and even worse, rain. It also does not hook up with infant car seats.

Customer reviews

This stroller got a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. The most common customer review is the fact that is very cheap and handy. Unlike the rest of the other strollers, this one is so easy to use and its lack of technicalities does not get in the way of its functioning.

Customers also liked how light it is and therefore portable. They also mentioned that it is easy to navigate, but some complained that it was too small for their liking. It is important to know your children when buying a stroller. If they tend to fight a lot, or if one is more aggressive than the other, then it is probably a good idea to buy a tandem instead of a side to side stroller.

You should also have in mind how much your babies weigh so that you can get one that is big enough for both of them. Age is also important. Choose a stroller that can accommodate a wide range of your child’s age. This will keep you from buying different strollers when your children grow.

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