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Best Trails in Colorado Springs

Best Trails in Colorado Springs

Looking for Best Trails in Colorado Springs? Colorado Springs is well-known for the outstanding natural beauty that it offers to the guests. If you are keen to experience this natural beauty, you need to think about exploring the best trails in the region.

In order to make life easy for you, we did a quick research and figured out the best trails that can be found in Colorado Springs. You can take a look at these trails and come up with the decision to go ahead with any trail that you are keen to explore. Then you can secure a bunch of great experiences

Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Garden Of The Gods is one of the most popular trails among locals as well as tourists to Colorado Springs. That’s mainly because this trail can provide all the guests with outstanding views of the surroundings.

In fact, the area that houses this trail can be considered as a registered national natural landmark. When you are exploring it, you will be able to understand the reason why the officials are spending lots of time and effort to ensure its protection.

You will get the opportunity to expose yourself to gorgeous hikes while spending time at the Garden Of The Gods. There are hikes for people who have all sorts of skill levels. If you want to get more information about the hikes that are available in the region, you are encouraged to pay a visit to nature and visitor center. Then you will be able to get all the information needed to move forward.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

You will fall in love with the lush greenery that you can see in the Garden Of The Gods trail as well. The beautiful red-colored rocks have further contributed to enhancing the beauty of the trail. You might even feel like spending the rest of your life in this region.

Midland Trail in Colorado Springs

Midland Trail is an excellent 6.9mile trail that is located within Vermijo Park. Regardless of your skill level, you can think about going forward with this trail. In other words, even the beginners will find it as an easy task to move forward with the trail as they are exposed d to a paved concrete trail. Hence, you will often be able to find how entire families are taking part in it.

Midland Trail Map in Colorado Springs
Midland Trail

The elevation gain you can experience in the Midland Trail is only 272 feet. Therefore, it will never make you spend a lot of energy. You will be able to enjoy the trail and capture a bunch of great memories, which you will fall in love with.

Midland Trail

The entire area surrounding Midland Trail is pet friendly. Therefore, you can even think about accommodating your pet for the trial. You will be able to discover lots of wildlife and wildflowers in the trail. Likewise, many people prefer to take part in this trial and grab the birdwatching experiences offered.

Palmer Trail

Palmer Trail is a fascinating trail, which is located in the Bear Creek Canon Park. If you are a regular hiker, you will appreciate the time that you are spending along with this trail.

The hike has a total length of 5.7 miles. It has a moderate elevation gain of around 1300 feet as well. Hence, the Palmer Trail is not recommended for absolute beginners. However, the efforts that you take to go ahead with the trail are totally worth it because you will be rewarded with fascinating views from it.

Palmer Trail in Colorado Springs USA

You can expect to expose you to a variety of views while you are taking part in the Palmer Trail. They include beautiful forests, mountains, and vegetation. On top of that, you will get the opportunity to witness a river and local wildlife as well. All the people who proceed with this trail will be able to end up receiving a complete outdoor experience.

Seven Bridges Trail

Seven Bridges Trail is a quite popular trail among locals in Colorado Springs. That’s mainly because this trail is located just outside of Colorado Springs. The trail has a total length of around 3.7 miles.

Seven Bridges Trail
Seven Bridges Trail

On top of that, it offers an elevation gain of around 1000 feet as well. You can consider this as a moderate trail. The challenges that you will come across are worthy when compared to the opportunity that you have got to explore.

The area surrounding Seven Bridges Trail has received a lot of positive attention because of the wildlife, wildflowers and waterfalls. You can even think about taking part in this trail over and over again. That’s because every single visit that you do will provide you with a completely new set of experiences.

You will enjoy the experience that you can receive while keeping yourself surrounded by the trees. In addition to that, you will fall in love with the scenic views that are offered to you while you are crossing the bridges.

St. Mary’s Falls Trail

If you are an adventure seeker who is looking for the best trails in Colorado Springs, St. Mary’s Falls Trail is the best option available to go ahead with.

St. Mary’s Falls Traill, Colorado Springs

This adventurous trail will make you end up in a fascinating spot. Therefore, you will never have to worry too much about the overall experience offered to you out of the trail.

However, you can consider the St. Mary’s Falls Trail is a moderate trail. You will be able to get into the trail and enjoy the views along with your pet.

However, you can get a better experience if you can go ahead with this trail on your mountain bike. There is no need to think twice before you take your baby to the trail as well. The fascinating beauty that you can find in falls is the main reason why people are attracted to the St. Mary’s Falls Trail.

Final word

Now you are aware of 5 of the best trails in Colorado Springs. Take a look at the options available and go ahead with the best trail out of them!

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