Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt Review

Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the CQB/Rigger’s Belt made by Blackhawk! Blackhawk! is a trusted American company and has been a leading manufacturer of tactical duty belts and heaps of other quality tactical gear products for the last 25 years. The Blackhawk CQB/Rigger’s belt is made in the USA and is Mil-Standard 858 certified (which basically means its approved for use in the military), so you can be confident that you’re buying a quality product which should serve you well.

Blackhawk cqb Riggers Belt Review

Blackhawk CQB 350pxThis belt is available in four solid colors: Coyote Tan, Desert Sand Brown, Black and Olive Drab (OD) Green. You can also get a MULTICAM version which is rated at 5,000 lb. In terms of sizes, you can get this belt in the range of 29″ – 51” so this should fit most waists.

Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt Features

The Camlock style buckle is made from heavy-duty parachute grade alloy steel so it’s capable of being used as an emergency or backup harness when abseiling. It’s also double stitched to the webbing with a Class 7 sewing machine for maximum strength and support. The parachute adaptor is really a dedicated V-shaped loop for securing a karabiner for attachment to a paracord line or primary harness. The buckle is easily adjustable and has one great advantage over standard belts with the fact that has no buckle arm. This means that’s it’s not going to get broken and none of this having to punch extra belt holes. It’s a great idea to carry a parachute grade karabiner around in your pocket and perhaps MIL-SPEC paracord in your daypack which can come in handy if you ever have to egress a building such as in a fire or maybe a hostage situation or if you ever have to rappel down a cliff or steep embankment. Both the buckle and adaptor conform to PIA-H-7195 standards.

Blackhawk CQB Riggers Belt Material

Ok, so let’s take a look at the belt’s material. It is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing rated at 7,000 lb tensile strength – so this is so strong that you can abseil out of a helicopter with it. The running end is secured via a military grade hook and loop (VELCRO) closure so that it is not left flapping around. One con with the VELCRO closure is that its not exactly quiet when removing it, but that is a really minor issue.

If you’re wondering what CQB stands for its actually Close Quarters Battle (a.k.a. Close Quarters Combat). Currently, this belt is approved for and is widely used by combat troops, law enforcement officers, paramedics and firefighters around the world which goes to prove that it is more than capable of standing up to the rigors of everyday use in military, tactical, rescue or survival applications.

This belt is very durable and rigid so it takes about a month or so of constant everyday use to break it in. Due to its heavy duty design, it is more than capable of carrying a fairly sizeable load and best of all its not going to sag. Law enforcement personnel usually carry a duty kit (including a service pistol) weighing a total of around 9 kg and as for military personnel – usually more than that. Since I carry a tactical knife, a multitool, and a heavy Maglite style torch as part of my EDC kit, this belt was the solution to my requirements and it has held up extremely well so I am very pleased.

Blackhawk CQB/Rigger’s Belt Customer Reivew

At the time of this review, the ratings for this product were at 4.6 out of 5 with most customers praising the strength and durability of this belt although a few commented that the standard 1 3/4″ version does not fit through the belt loops of many of their pants. In our opinion it should fit fine on most jeans, BDU and tactical pants or shorts (such as 5.11) but not formal style slacks. There is a 1 1/2″ version available which we recommend that you get should you wish to wear this as part of your EDC kit and your belt loops are unable to accommodate the 1 3/4″ version.

This belt also makes a great duty belt and with the aid of Blackhawk Cordura Belt Keepers (to secure it onto your trousers belt) can be a reliable and durable addition to your kit.

The belt is actually measured from the buckle where it attaches to the belt up to to the angled tip of the belt so, it should measure about 3 to 4 inches longer than the advertised length, therefore, buy modafinil bulk powder  we recommend that you get one size bigger (i.e, if you’re a medium, get large).

Ok, we’ve just taken a look at the Blackhawk! CQB/Rigger’s Belt, we hope you’ve found this review helpful. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on our gear reviews!

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