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camping with kids

Camping with Babies and Toddlers -My Tips

 I’m going to discuss about my experience with camping with babies and toddlers.   I’ve got people that are maybe never been camping before with kids they’re nervous or you know it’s your first time ever camping. I’ll give you some kind of advice then also some must-have items.

 I’ll discuss  the must-have items if you’re going camping with kids. These are must-haves.

 The first thing is a washing up Bowl. I definitely recommend taking a washing off or washing apart obviously for washing up but also they double it really well as a bath for a baby. 

The next thing I recommend is a couple of lights and the ones that we have we’ve got this one which is given below and which lights up but it’s kind of dimmed so you can have it light like really bright or dimmed which is really good.  If you’re in the tent and the kids are in bed but you’re still up you know it doesn’t keep them awake. 

Another really really useful one  which is a  headlight for like.  It’s really good if you’re going to the toilet in the middle of the night so I definitely recommend.

DanForce Brightest Headlamp Flashlight

the next thing I recommend is  snacks. I really recommend stuff that’s really light but high-energy and so look you know healthy. really so the top of example and I really like  cereal bars they’re really good I think they’re based on they that they’re based on like dates and nuts so they’re really good and then I also like to take some just some nuts to snack on these up almonds. If you’ve got a baby I also definitely recommend taking like the Ella’s kitchen pouches that’s what we took it was so much easier.

Clif Kid - Organic Energy Snacks

the other things are like if you’ve got a child that’s potty-trained a potty is a huge help because if your counts like quite far away from the toilet block you know you don’t wanna be getting for the middle of the night to take them all the way up there or even in the day so I definitely recommend taking a potty that was a big help. 

 Then the next thing is lots of wipes because you aren’t going to want to be washing your kids any more than you have to it’s so much easier just to wipe them down with some baby wipes.

Pampers Sensitive Water-Based Baby Diaper Wipes,

 all the things that I would say are must-haves if you’re taking your kids camping and then some little bits of advice.

 I would say the number one piece of advice I would have for people that are going for camping  is  get a decent tent perfectly quite a big tent because what you want is some way to be able to put the kids to bed. But if it’s raining outside and you want to stay up for a little while you can sit in the like living-room area of your home .

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