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Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent Review

Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent Review

Here I’m going to review the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room, so you can learn the benefits and the drawbacks of this product and make a better buying decision for yourself.

Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent Review

I’ll also show you where you can get a great deal on it. Coleman is a well known brand of outdoor related equipment including tents, coolers and canapes, the weather masters six person tent is one of the brands most popular camping tents because of its ease of assembly, roomy interior space and weatherproof features, among many others.  

Depending on your experience in setting up a large six person tent you may or may not require the help of others.  In setting up this screen tent if you’re a large and tall person with plenty of experience setting up camping tents then you can probably do the job on your own.  Otherwise there’s no shame in asking for help not to mention that you can get the job done faster and easier with assistance from just one friend.  Upon opening the actual tent bag you’ll appreciate the contents are tightly rolled up but can easily be unrolled for the assembly. The actual assembly is easy but you may want to read the instruction manual and study the parts first before putting the parts together.

So here’s a couple of tips. Feed the curved sections into the loop sleeves along the top connect the side poles raise each side pole one at a time and place the bottom edge into each of the friction cleat adjust the side poles using the push pin adjustments to increase the height.  Raise the tent while the poles are at their lowest setting.  According to most members of the that have used the Coleman weather master six person tent, the assembly time between rolling out the tent and raising the pole sets ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. Skill level and available assistance you will then have plenty of time to set up camp.

Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent Review

 Instead of wrestling with the tents assembly and as is the case with many inferior tents this tent is as roomy as its name suggests. Keep in mind though that this is a two room tent that can accommodate four adults and two children. Realistically speaking with perhaps a pet inside you’ll find that the 17 by 9 feet floor dimensions and almost seven feet Center height will accommodate even large and tall persons with plenty of standing room the standing room is an added benefit for adults because it can be inconvenient stopping for prolonged periods.  While inside the tent you can get dressed fine things and just be in the tent while standing up to your full height instead of stooping unless you happen to be nearly 7 feet in height.  

Obviously aside from the sleeping, accommodations the six person, tent also provides ample room for the camping gear to be stowed away from the – natural elements animals and possible thieves. You’ll also appreciate the sufficient space to sit around and hang out with your family and friends inside the tent which is truly an advantage.  When you consider that the weather will sometimes demand staying indoors such as with strong rains the tent has two rooms which can be partitioned via the sheet of zippered nylon the nylon sheet can either be attached to hang down from the ceiling which will create another room or remove it to enjoy an open-plan tag tent.  The tent has plenty of windows – which can be screened off with zippered privacy flaps and built in privacy flaps so if you’re claustrophobic you’ll appreciate that the windows because these provide for plenty of ventilation and light during the day.  You’d also offer privacy from prying eyes at night while the bottom of the and is touted to be waterproof because of its tarp like quality you’re strongly advised to disregard the claim and place a separate tarp underneath the ten.  The separate tarp will act in two ways. First of all it’s gonna provide another layer of durable material and protect against excess moisture especially during the rainy season.

 The tent floor itself can be layered with another blanket or cloth tarp which will protect it from your camping gear and your foot traffic the entire tent appears to be pretty water-resistant. Though you can test it by hosing it down for a couple of minutes from the top and sides and look for leaks which you’ll likely not see especially when the tent has only been used for a few times.  The water just rolls them off the material similar to when roll rain rolls off a rain-x on your car’s windows .

Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent

So overall with ease of assembly Roomy interiors and weatherproof features the weather master six-person screen tent is an excellent investment for serious campers and their families.   Its extremely durable construction you can test it during a severe rainstorm and its appeal only increases.   If you’re looking to get yourself a great deal on the weather master six-person screen tent and also get fast shipping along with that then go ahead and click the link underneath and you’ll be able to get yourself a great deal on this tent.

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