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Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike Review

Looking for a Dahon Speed D7 Review or want to buy a foldable bike but cannot make a decision? Then this Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike Review will help you to make correct decision.

Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike

Bicycles are the new cool. For the environmentally conscious youth all over the world and increasingly for everybody else from kids to middle-aged bureaucrats it the thing to have. More and more, cities are transforming themselves to become cities of bicycles. Policy makers are looking at it as the greatest solution to mass transport since cars were invented. If you have not already joined this revolution in the way we live, maybe it is time to change that.

For a medium of transport that has been around for hundreds of years, there has been a surprising amount of innovation in bicycles. Today there are more options and more forms than ever before. They can be lightweight, fixed gear, foldable, batter run. These are just a few of the options available.

Depending on your needs, foldable bikes can be one of the best forms to use.

For the young and the old alike, it is easy to use, store and operate. Thus, this form deserves serious consideration.

Among them the Dahon Speed D7 series is one of the best options available on the market today.

Dahon Speed D7 Folding Bike review

According to one critic, this bike is the epitome of the combination of sporty effectiveness and outstanding benefits. After all, these features are all you would want in your bicycle.

According to most critics who follow the trends in the sector, this is one of the best bikes to opt for if you want a good folding bike without breaking the bank; costing less than most foldable bikes at around $500, you get a very smooth and stable ride for the price.

For those looking for a quick summary of all of the amazing technical features of the bicycle, this section is the quick guide. This covers all of the available technical data on the model. Most of the information listed in the table below comes from the manufacturer directly.

Dahon Speed D7 Specifications


Wheel Size 20″
Weight 13.5 kg (30 lbs)
Folded Size 65 x 32 x 79cm (25.6” x 12.6” x 31.1”)
Model No. KAC072
Frame Lightweight 4130 Cro Mo, Lattice Forged Hinge,w/ ViseGrip Technology
Fork Smooth Riding and Stable Hi-Ten Steel Blades and Steerer
Handlepost Forged Alloy Radius Telescope w/ Fusion Technology
Drivetrain 7-Speed Shimano RD-TX35 rear Derailleur
Wheels 20” aluminum rims w/ 20 Hole front and 28 Hole rear Hub
Max Rider Weight 105kg (231 lbs)
Rider height 145-190cm (4’9″-6’3″)
Brakes Winzip Smooth and Powerful 110mm V-Brakes


The Dahon Speed D7 bike frame

This bike frame is welded by hand at the plant. It is made from 4130 Chromoly Sonus tube. It is an amalgamation of the latest technologies in bicycling manufacturing patented by the company.

According to the company, this is one of the stiffest frames manufactured by Dahon. As a consequence of the frame, the bike has high reliability even when compared to other traditional forms of transportation.

Size and Weight

The bike is compact and lightweight. This is one of the important features of the bike.

Due to this, you can carry it around easily on trains and buses. The small size and weight also make storage easy.

The Wheels

The bike comes with 20 inches or 451 mm wheels. This is bigger than the majority of the foldable bikes available today, yet, the wheels are still lighter than the wheels on larger size bikes.

Due to this combination, the bike is much faster than other foldable bikes and much lighter than other full-size bikes.

The alloy rims of the wheels are 20-inch x 1.5 inches. is made of alloy.

The Gear Shift

The gear shifter is one of the more important assets of the bicycle. Called the Neos shifter, this is both sensitive and reliable. The seven gears provide a wide range of the variety while riding. In fact, according to several reviews shifting gears is easy as can be.

The mechanism is a twist gear shifter system. Due to this flexibility and range, you can use the bicycle in any slope or hill found in cities. This significantly increases the range of application.

In technical terms, the freewheel gear is a 7 speed indexed 13-28T’ gear model. The specification shows that the bottom bracket has a sealed bearing. Furthermore, the chain is well indexed for 7 speed so that there is not overlap between the gears. The shift cable to move the gears are livewire 5.0. These cables have anti-compression housing, slick cables, and DuPont l3 lubricant. This features to ensure a 100% response rate.

The Derailleur

For those who are less aware of the technical jargon of the bicycle, derailleur gears are a gear changing system that has variable ratios for different gears. They consist of a chain, multiple sprockets and a mechanism to move the chain from one to another. This bike has the Dahon Neos backed derailleur. This is a new design from the company that comprises of a very short cage. Due to this, the ground clearance is improved and the shifting is faster.

This small component is an important part of the bicycle because these make sure that you do not need to worry about getting stuck when shifting gears. Rest assured, Dahon speed D7 has the best component. Dahon D7 uses Neos with the 11-30T cassette. When compared to the traditional cassettes this model increases the gear performance by 37%.


The cockpit is made for comfort. The seat post is forged with alloy clamp, is adjustable, measures 34 mm x 580 mm and is clamped. The saddle is comfortable with the Dahoon logo.


From a safety point of view, the brakes are one of the most important features on the operation of a bicycle. The brakes in Dahon bike D7, are made of alloy, is in the V-Brake from and are 100 mm wide. The cables also come in highly reliable livewire 5.0 housing, are slick and housed in anti-compression cases. In short, the features ensure that you do not worry about brakes failing in the middle of the road.

Folding and Unfolding Process

Folding and unfolding process the bike is a very efficient process and can be done within 15 seconds. To do so, simply release the bolts near the seat and below the handle and fold at the hinges. The folds are natural and do not need to be forced. After you are done, you will be surprised at how compact the final form is. Unfolding is equally easy and efficient. Just start expanding the hinges and at the end tighten the bolts. A little space might be good to have in this process.

Important Technology In Dahon Speed D7

The main attraction to go for the Dahon D7 is the advanced technology that can be seen in every aspect of the bicycle. These technologies have are products of extensive research and development efforts. This section is dedicated to showing you how cutting edge solutions make your ride better, safer and more reliable.


Dahon has it’s aluminum technology patented. This aluminum increases the overall frame strength by 20% when compared to the conventional models. The tubes are also thicker at the ends to cover for the extra stress caused during turns and welding. Still, it is kept thin in the middle to minimize the overall weight of the bicycle.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is usually exclusively in manufacturing the high-end road and tour bikes as carbon fiber can be expensive. This industrial material is lighter, stronger, more durable and more comfortable. Dahon has started using carbon fiber in some components to reduce weight.


Dahon uses the very highly regarded 4130 Chromoly steel. This steel has 60% more strength than high tensile steel, is lighter and thinner.

Lattice Forged Hinge

The hinge is one of the unique components in a foldable hinge. The hinge, after all, lets you fold. Years of research and investments have gone into making the hinge available today. The lattice forged hinge.is feather-light but its strength and performance are exceptional. Modern techniques like cold forging, CNC tooling are used to produce a component that lasts in all weather, wear and tear.


Hydroforming is used to manipulate alloys into custom shapes to produce lighter and stronger products as compared to traditional products. High-pressure hydraulic fluid is used for the molding.

Fusion Technology

To enable the bike to be folded into a compact package, the bike needs extended stems. To make the stem stable and strong, Dahon has developed a unique combination the fuses the frame, the fork, and the handle post.

Advantages  of Having a Dahon Speed D7

As you have seen foldable bikes come with numerous advantages that make it worthwhile to shift to as your mode of transportation.

First, it solves the storage problems you have with traditional bikes. This can go in small corners, under beds and everything in between. This flexibility is also ensuring that your bikes have fewer chances of being stolen.

Added to this the bike is very flexible. You can handle it easily when going on trains and buses. So, you are not limited to going just a few blocks on the bike. After all, what’s better than not paying for a cab from the station to your house.

The gears are also a big asset. The bikes have welded as well as a fast-shifting Neos derailleur with seven gears. For urban riding, this is a great solution.

Finally, the bike is faster than other foldable bikes and comparable to full-size bikes. Thus speed and time is also less of a concern.

Pros and Cons of Having a Dahon Speed D7

According to many accounts, this is a sleek, straightforward and exceptional solution to urban movement. With praise like this, it is not surprising that this bike has an extensive list of pros. We list some of them.

• Fast and easy shifting of gears.
• You can fold the bike within 15 second.
• Once folded the final form is very compact.
• It is also very durable due to its stainless steel spokes and alloy seat-post.
• The seat post is comfortable and adjustable.
• The brake is responsive.
• Rear rack and mudguard are included.
• Great value is the best pro.
• Comes with commuting accessories

• For some people it might be a little heavy at It is a little heavy at 13 kg.
• When riding fast, in sharp turns there might be discomfort as the gap between the ground and the pedals is quite small.

Customer Reviews

This section lists some of the responses from the customers to give you a testimony from people who have actually used the bike.

Positive Reviews

Customers have given it glowing reviews including -:
• Quick delivery was appreciated.
• Customers also mentioned that there was no problem with the box or bike showing any signs of damage.
• People were also impressed with how nice the bike rides and you can get decent speed.
• The build was good.
• It’s easy to keep the bike in a car and go for bike rides anytime, anywhere.
• People have recounted the amazing experience of folding it into suitcases and riding it around, getting to know a whole new city and culture on their bikes.
• Carrying into public transportation is also easy.
• One customer summarized well, the ride is smooth, fast, handles well, brakes efficiently, is light, adjustable, and changes gear smooth.
• Many of the customers also praised the reasonable price. It is cheaper than most foldable bikes.

Negative Reviews

Some customers also mentioned that some non-critical parts are cheap and that the documentation is not good. For example, they put some cheap plastic covers where the water bottle would screw in and in the front fork area. Others are also concerned with rust in some parts of the bicycle. One review also commented that the saddle was not as comfortable as they would expect from such a good overall package.



Whether you are in school, a college student, a professional or an executive this is a great bike for all purposes to ride around any city. It is reliable, safe, fast and durable. In simple words, it is a smart investment that will serve you well for many years

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