Ever been caught out in a situation where you didn’t have any means of starting a fire on you? “Never again!” you said, so here are some ideas for what should go inside a small portable fire kit.

  • BIC Lighter with duct tape around it to prevent accidental discharge or leaking
  • 2 x WetFire artificial tinder
  • 1 x magnesium fire starter or Ferro rod
  • 3 x cotton balls with a dab of petroleum jelly or Vaseline on them
  • 10 x waterproof NATO matches
  • Piece of steel wool

BIC lighters are inexpensive (around $1.50) and are available at most stores and supermarkets. WetFire is available from here. You can purchase a genuine military grade magnesium fire starter. Cotton balls and Vaseline are something that everybody has inside their bathrooms. Vaseline is available from most supermarkets in the cosmetics or healthcare sections as well as most pharmacies in the USA. Steel wool is excellent tinder for starting a fire using a car battery and is quite inexpensive, again it is available from your local supermarket.

Put all these items inside a waterproof ziplock bag or container. If you want something sturdier to keep these bits and pieces.

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