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Dorcy 41-2515 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight Review

Dorcy 41-2515 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight Review

Ask any disaster survival expert and they will tell you that a flashlight is an absolute must in your emergency kit. During a disaster or calamity, you’ll never know if there is going to be a power failure or if you are going to be stuck somewhere and have to survive on your own.

For times like these, a regular flashlight won’t be sufficient. You need a more reliable one like the Dorcy 41-2515 LED Flashlight.

Why You Should have a Dorcy 41-2515 LED Flashlight?

It is constructed with shock absorbing rubber to ensure that it will remain intact no matter how harsh the weather condition is. You can choose between two sizes- 4.9L x 2.8W x 8.8 inches or 6.3L x 2W x 7.5 inches. Because of the flashlight’s compact design, it will not take up a lot of room in your survival kit. It’s not a bad idea to have two or more of these gears so everyone in the family can have their own flashlight in their backpack.

The Dorcy 41-2515 comes with a weather-resistant carabiner clip which allows you to conveniently hang the flashlight for hands-free use or transport. This clip proves to be very useful when you got your hands full while trying to rescue someone or while trying to make your way out of danger. It is one of the few flashlights that is genuinely waterproof and it really does float horizontally in very shallow water. Another great thing about the Dorcy 41-2515 Floating Flashlight is how bright the light is. Don’t be fooled with its compact size because this flashlight is loaded with awesome features. Its light output is 32 lumens and the beam distance is up to 31 meters. You’ll be glad to know that it can run up to 20 hours.

This flashlight is so sturdy that it can survive drops on the trail and a few dunks in the lake. Compared to a flashlight with a solid dark color, the Dorcy 41-2515 Waterproof Floating Flashlight is easier to find because of its bright yellow color. You’ll be surprised how well it works in the rain. It is small but not too small that you are as good as not using a flashlight at all. The Dorcy 41-2515 is fairly inexpensive but it is definitely worth purchasing. Add this to your survival kit and you won’t regret it. This small flashlight is lightweight and it is the perfect companion not only for camping, hiking or trekking but for emergency situations as well.

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