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Folding Kayak guide

Folding Kayak

Kayaking is really a fun and exciting sport. Kayaks used for kayaking are actually small boats whose decks are covered and which come with a double blade paddle to propel the kayak. There are basically three different types of kayaks; rigid kayaks, folding kayaks, and inflatable kayaks.

Oru Kayak Foldable Kayak

Amongst all three types of kayaks folding kayaks are most advantageous because of their portability and storage. These kayaks are as sturdy as regular rigid or inflatable kayaks. The design of these folding kayaks is actually based on the original kayak design.

Folding kayaks were first built by a German tailor in 1907; first, he tested it in River Mangfall and it worked. And after that these folding kayaks were very popular in Europe. To carry these all-new folding kayaks was very easy for transportation so soon they became very popular worldwide.

All folding kayaks usually have thin fabric over the lightweight frame. This mainframe of the frame can be made up of many different kinds of materials like wood, fiberglass or aluminum; it can be made up of a single kind of material of combination of two like a combination of wood and aluminum. Some folding kayak designs also have inbuilt air pockets because these kayaks are harder to sink.

Folding Kayak

Folding kayaks are very useful since they are much easy to store compared to regular solid kayaks. You can take the kayak apart after its use. One more added advantage of these kayaks are space requirements, these can be kept in very less space than regular kayaks. So you don’t need to spend money to rent storage lockers you can easily keep this kayak in your car. Since these kayaks can be stored correctly they generally last longer than other types of kayaks.

New folding kayaks usually have a narrower beam and longer waterline; they are much faster and bracing with these folding kayaks is much easier. Tracking with these folding kayaks is good.

Generally, when these folding kayaks are disassembled you can easily pack one kayak in one to three duffle bags; which can be checked as baggage or you can carry it with you by train. In the off-season, you can easily store it in a closet.

And if you are worried about the fact that they just fold up; then don’t worry these folding kayaks are very sturdy as other kayaks as these folding kayaks are specifically designed to be strong. These folding kayaks are really strong; they are even used in daring kayak trips like some crossed Atlantic ocean using it.

Folding Kayak

Military groups also prefer folding kayak when they need small and lightweight boats; for military use frame of the folding kayak is built in strong metal frames. Such kinds of kayaks are the best choice for kayaking in the sea.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight, stable and most important portable kayak for recreation and fun; then folding kayaks are the best option for you. Although these folding kayaks are more expensive there portability is worth and these kayaks usually have great resale value too.

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