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Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

During a long day’s fatigue, the only thing that can revitalize your energy is a good cup of hot drink like coffee. You would love having it to feel afresh and get back to your daily workload.

But with due tiredness and low energy, you do not want to hassle around to make a simple cup of coffee. The best way that many prefer at the workplace is the use of the Espresso Machine. That is both convenient and suitable at the same time.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine review

With the new model of Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine, you can take pleasure from fast hot drink making and that too with a professional approach of typical coffee-makers.

This machine in your office or home can avoid the long trouble of making a perfect cup of coffee rather offers you to enjoy its steady making with ideal taste and froth on top.

To understand, Classic Espresso by Gaggia, let us look at the product bit by bit.

Features of Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine 

The espresso machine is placed within stainless-steel housing which makes it a rough and tough machine to use on a daily basis. The material offers high-quality resistance to heat damage, corrosion, and chemical damage. By using stainless steel, you have all the cost advantage as well.

A machine made up of stainless steel is lighter in weight and is easily portable. Moreover, brass portafilters and group head have also been used in order to stabilize the temperature in atmospheric changes with an independent expansion valve and three-way solenoid valve.

The espresso machines are available in either stainless steel or plastic housing. The prices for material vary because of its performance. As a matter of fact, Gaggia Espresso’s stainless steel housing is far more durable than that of plastic.

The major advantage of plastic is that it is less durable, more vulnerable and prone to heat and chemical damage. Not all plastic housings are this vulnerable but many are.

Espresso machine offers 17-1/2-bar pump along with the high-voltage boiler. These qualities make the espresso less time consuming and more convenient. Now you do not have to wait for long to make a few extra cups. Instead with Gaggia Classic, you can make as many cappuccinos as you like for your friends and colleagues, that too in the least time possible.

Moreover, the high-voltage boiler gives perfect taste to your drink which otherwise can be marred if not boiled well. This sound amazing as you get both speed and taste of professional coffee-makers in your own house or office.

If you think more practically, you would realize that you spend a good deal of money to get your hot coffee from coffee shops throughout the year. On the other hand, with the sum total of your yearly coffee expense, you can easily buy a high-quality machine like Gaggia Espresso with the same amount. It is surely more logical and expedient.

Gaggia Espresso is equipped to provide maximum facilities that you find at a professional coffee shop. The experience is exhilarating and exciting when you get the ideal temperature of hot water through your machine’s hot-water dispenser. This really suits your purpose while making your coffee and keeps you carefree about mixing and integration of ingredients in it.

Without proper frothing, hot coffee does not look like it. It fails to tempt you and makes look at it just like any other ordinary hot drink. However, if you want the ideal cup of hot coffee, you cannot compromise on froth that gives look and appeals to your coffee. Gaggia Classic has solved it all for you! In this professional machine, metal frothing wand and sleeve works like a magic wand in making you an exquisite cup of hot coffee with bulky froth.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

In addition to this, the machine contains single- and double-shot stainless-steel filter basket, tamper, and measuring scoop of 7g. It can measure 14-1/4 by 8 by 9-1/2 inches. The machine uses a tampering tool to pack the ground in filter basket for the best delivery possible.

In Gaggia Classic, it works idyllically because the tool fits the size of the filter basket. Tamper tools are made of metals that are light in weight to give you the most suitable performance. On top of that, Gaggia espresso is equipped with 72-ounce removable water reservoir for easy while the unit uses standard 58 mm filters to supply good room for preparing rich and full espresso.

The machine manages with coffee pods and is devised to provide two cups at the same time. Other handy features include a hot-water dispenser for coffee and tea, a cup warmer and a frothing wand for crema. This makes the machine a complete package in itself that erases the need for any other equipment to make your best hot beverages. You do not have to look for a separate froth crema or hot water dispenser. Here you find all in one!

People often find it difficult to discriminate between a good and a bad espresso. However, the keys to making a good hot drink involve temperature, amount, pressure, and time. There is no wonder that this machine is equipped to provide all in one place. It provides perfect boiling temperature to water, by employing just the appropriate amount and pressure required. An addition to this, the time involves is just too less to have such a professional beverage handy.

Gaggia Classic Espresso has been exceptional in its usage and is regarded as the best seller espresso machine. Espresso is not unique only for its classic design but for its high performance as well. It incorporates all time tested machinery along with more advanced ones.

Espresso by Gaggia makes your hot drinks experience look like a commercial offering. It employs maximum efforts in terms of its high quality, fast speed, and in providing the desirous taste, that just suits you in all respects.

Gaggia is proud to manufacture of espresso classic with undoubtedly high esteem and reputation in Italy. Unlike other coffee/espresso machine, Gaggia is a commercially graded construction with top-notch interiors and exterior setup.

Best Seller Ranking for Gaggia Classic Espresso

It is not easy to make your reputation in machine industry as there are new machines coming out every other day with upgraded features that can easily sideline an old product in favor of a more advanced one. However, viewing the features that this coffee/espresso offers there is no wonder why Gaggia Espresso ranks among the top sellers.

Pros and cons

At times, you spend a good deal of money to buy the best product in town. In return, you expect high quality and best performance. But we all know it for sure, no machinery can do well for a lifetime.

Even if you use the super classic model of coffee/espresso like Gaggia Espresso, you might still find a little trouble here and there as the years pass by.

Being a machine, it can create small technical issues for you like leaking or in other cases not filling the two cups equally. These issues are minor and can be handled by taking the help of Gaggia customer services. The experts can ask you to troubleshoot the issue by yourself. There are chances that you may overcome your issues after making those technical corrections.

One issue identified in this new model is the power cord that customers find a bit smaller than the previous one. They often find it to difficult to adjust this new model with the power cord in the same old place.

Moreover, a few say that the cord has electricity on its surface as well that sounds a bit dangerous. However, it is not really harmful upon touch. Besides Gaggia Classic offers you to replace your power cord with a new one—one that is built upon the old model and is long. And that does not leak electricity in any way.

In some other cases, there are bits and pieces of problems in the machine itself for which the customer services may demand to get it examined by a technical expert at Gaggia. It might take a few weeks time to examine and get it repaired. But you would eventually be able to find it back well.

If by chance, your espresso still fails to work properly within a period of warranty, Gaggia offers you to get it replaced that easily.

With Gaggia Espresso, you do not have anything to lose but only to take pleasure from the rewards of this blissful espresso to have your maximum hot drinks ready in minutes through double valves system, that you can go on to enjoy with your friends and colleagues with the same professionalism of coffee houses.

Customers’ Reviews

Customers’ reviews are always important to find the credibility of any product. Before buying any product, you cannot afford to go blindly and buy it without making sure of its qualities.

However, prudent customers always make sure that they know about other people’s opinions too regarding the product that they intend to buy. They may like to look for detailed data about its features, qualities, performance, material, guarantee, design and color availability.

Moreover, to make it more accurate you as a customer would like to read as many opinions as possible before spending a huge amount of your dollars in one go.

There is a vast majority of reviewers who write in praise of Gaggia Classic. Based on their personal experience, these reviews are credible enough to be trusted and believed. Reviewers admire the mixed material made of stainless steel and brass that is both durable and resistant to rust, chemical damage, and heat damage.

One of the reviewers referred to it as “a classic design” for its stainless steel housing. Even after usage of a few decades, the advanced machinery inside helps to provide high-quality beverages available.

Some of the reviewers love the overall process of grinding, tampering, and drinking after pulling a shot. They take delight in its easy-going making that adds flavor and more appeal to their coffee experience. Another fascinating part that attracts people while coffee making is the frothing wand made of metal.

Gaggia Espresso’s economical price is another reason why people are attracted to have this espresso by hook or by crook. Because a sane buyer realizes the fact that high performance, stainless steel metal, and double scoop advantage can only be availed by having Gaggia’s Classic at home. Others products may offer you many more functions but they are out of the range of a common buyer whereas this espresso is commendable for performance, price, and quality—all.

Gaggia’s portafilter is extremely easy to clean and wipe from the surface. The espresso delivers itself from one hole where it goes to multiple channels to make two scoops at the same time. This feature is missing in many other espressos where they have two holes at the bottom which makes it harder to use if not checked consistently.


As a matter of fact, Classic Espresso by Italian manufacturers Gaggia is one of the top selling brands in the machine industry. Built upon a classic model and style, the espresso is unique with its two valves scooping that makes your coffee experience doubly excited.

More importantly, it fulfills the needs and demands of the more advanced and hasty audience who cannot afford to waste much time in simple �making’ alone. Instead in the present time, they look for appliances and machines that are fast and performance-based. Machines that fail to provide fast results become a headache for its buyers. So they hunt only those that can work for them with excellence.

Classic Espresso has been approved by a good majority of its buyers because of its extraordinarily excellent results.

You would love to have it not only in your office but also in your home to have your coffee making time cut to just a few minutes.

You cannot believe it unless you try it.

This is a guy of a rare Gaja is the the brand of machine and the Barrera is the specific model just to give you an idea other super automatic espresso machines can range anywhere from 400 bucks to $3,200 this machine is pretty much a great benefit to anyone who ends up visiting places like Starbucks or their local coffee houses or baristas and you’re paying six seven dollars for a couple of specialty cup of coffee and you’re talking about people who do this daily if not multiple times every single day you easily spend thousands of dollars on coffee already so investing five or six hundred bucks into a machine like this believenot is a huge huge money saver you get a lot of bang for your buck now what is a super automatic expresso machine there’s a lot of different ways you can make espresso and this is the literally the most convenient way a super automatic is kind of like what it what it suggests it does everything for you it’s it’s totally automated this is what’s referred to as a bean to cup machine you put fresh roasted whole coffee beans in the top turn on push a button and you have fresh roasted espresso and of course you can use that to make them old through the drinks and yes you can make regular old black coffee now of course with any machine or specifically any product there’s going to be pros and cons nothing’s perfect where this really shines I think is it’s the fact that it’s so compact okay this is only 12 inches high alright and about 12 and a quarter inches to the very highest point machine which is the lid for the bean hopper and back a lot of people have a limited height on in their kitchen because of their cabinets now if I put the camera you’ll see that I still have some excess room on top here so size isn’t a huge issue I still like the fact that it’s very compact here price is an issue okay there’s a lot of different factors and people pick different machines for different reasons does the 500l machine make coffee just as good as the 3200 Lowe machine in most cases yes it really just depends I think personally that it comes back to whatever quality beans you’re putting into it you have a quality coffee bean the Machine plays a little part how it’s going to taste however this machine is still extremely capable and I think make just as good of a cup of you know coffee or a shot of espresso just as much as the $2,000 machine the 1500 machine or anything else but um the pros in the machine on this specific machine are very great the biggest one obviously I saw a lot of people do have that limited counter space as specifically the counter height because their cabinets being over top but besides that two features on this machine that I really really like compared to a lot of the other machines is the fact that both the water reservoir and the drop container where your your use coffee grinds actually coffee pucks because you’ll see that later but they both are in the front so very easily accessible once I turn this machine on and push it back into the nook I keep this in a corner of my my kitchen counter here I don’t have to touch it I don’t have to constantly move it a lot of these different machines your water reservoirs are on the side or even the back and you’re talking about handling your machine constantly every single time you move your machine you have a possibility of damaging it some of the downsides you get because it is smaller obviously capacity the bean hopper on top which I’ll show you in a second holds a maximum of eight point eight ounces of beans and the water reservoir holds about 40 ounces of water and now for me in my specific use of this which is you know on a an average basis I’ll probably make one to two coffee drinks a day with this machine if you’re someone who makes eight or nine or ten cups of coffee or you know shots of espresso or whatever any kind of milk based coffee drink and you’re constantly using machine or perhaps you constantly entertain maybe you’re in a household with ten people in it who knows you’d probably want to go with something that’s bigger for the sheer fact that you don’t have to put water in it as often you don’t have to fill the bean hopper it’s often you do have a place to put a filter if you want to put a get charcoal filter in here or something anyway like I said on the back is the on/off switch right next to the power plug so once we turn this on you’ll see our power button is good as a slowly flash red and that’s normal just to continuously do that on top here here’s whether the cup warmer is alright now on top here on the front where the cups you see this is where I store these cups these glasses this is a a cup warmer on the top now this is passive meaning that it there’s not a specific heating element that’s keeping this hot you know you’re not pushing a button and starting this to get a nice and warm being passive basically as your your boiler inside it is heating water and stuff like that the steam that’s you know produced by the machine either by you know the steam wand or internally it’s basically rising he rises steam rises so this does get a little bit warm I did find that this does not get incredibly hot so you’ll never burn yourself on it first of all but I prefer to warm my cup because when you’re pouring your shot or having a cup of coffee it’s something I never really even thought of until I start watching some of these videos on there one whole latte loves YouTube page is when you’re pouring hot coffee into a you know cold cup or even a room-temperature cup you’re losing the heat your coffee your the cup itself is immediately shocking that heated coffee and pulling the temperature down and you know your coffee cools off faster so it makes sense to warm your cup you know before you actually fill it with coffee but when I’m the point I’m trying to make here is that this passive cup warmer on top although it does get warm it doesn’t get warm enough for my preference so what I do is when the machine pushes water through the steam wand to clean it I’ll fill my cup with that or when it does its rinse cycle which you’ll see here when you throw in the machine on after it’s been off for a while it will go through a rinse cycle okay basically pump hot water through the machine to clean everything out if there’s a you know old coffee sitting in there in the line or something cleans all out which is fantastic what I’ll do is before I make a cup of coffee I will fill the cup with I’ll use the cup I’m going to make the coffee in to catch that water and therefore warming my cup that’s the passive a cup warmer a lot of these super automatics will have some form of a cup warmer some of the bigger ones and/or more expensive ones have a specific heating unit that’s made just to heat that okay with electronic or from the boiler itself we have our bean hopper alright there’s a lid for it with a rubber seal on it so it keeps all the air out of your beans so they keep nice and fresh alright like I said holds up to eight point eight ounces in here and I’ve used ground coffee as well I always keep ground coffee on hand just really cheap you know I think this is a I think it’s Maxwell House or something some cheap whatever pre-ground coffee and they have a bypass doser here you can put grinds in which is a huge a really big beneficial feature I think pretty much every super automatic expresso machine has this option so if you don’t have access to whole coffee beans the Machine comes with this plastic scoop you see right there and it’s the exact dose you want for a you know for this specific machine and basically you know you don’t have to even touch the lid when the lids on you have access to this bypass doser and you put your grinds right in there now you can put grinds in there to make regular coffee you can do anything with that but basically the option to not grind fresh beans okay and to just use ground coffee pre-ground coffee yes all the super automatics will have their own built-in grinder that’s being to cup it’s doing everything for you so we actually have a coffee grinder within the machine itself which is fantastic and what happens is when it goes on it vibrates and pulls all the beans down in there and grinds exactly what you need for one brewing process when you’re grinding your coffee you have an adjustment knob here for your grinds alright there’s five different adjustments and basically this is how fine your coffee grinds are when you’re making espresso you want a really fine setting okay so when the water hot water is pushed through your your grinds the fire is the more flavor you’re really picking up on that it’s very kind of condensed flavor if you’re making a traditional cup of coffee regular old coffee you know but it’s black or you put cream and sugar and whatever while the grinders on that’s when you adjust this and you basically rotate this to a higher or a bigger circle let me can see those on there but basically that’s you know showing you that it’s a the grind setting so despite different grind saying now in the front here where the the coffee dispensed is out there is an adjustment pull on both sides this will raise and lower the other spout where it’s actually coming out so if you have a smaller cup here let’s say this Cup and so on a shot of espresso or something it basically you can adjust this down to prevent some splashing I found that I have an this honestly since I’ve had the machine I’ve had it up the entire time to accommodate larger cups and believe it not this will accommodate a fairly large mug all right there’s one of my favorite Pottery Barn mugs and fits perfectly under there everything rests on here this is your drip tray which is pretty straightforward in case you make a mess whatever it’s not going on your countertop it’s catching any residual splash or anything like that particularly when you’re using the steam wand in this specific case is a plastic drip tray and it has a metal insert on top I lift this up you’ll see it’s very easy to clean just wash it in the sink it’s pretty cool about this too is that there’s a little plastic piece in here that floats all right and it pushes up and obviously you can see it’s like a bright international reddish orange color so basically as you’re going through the process of using machine this will slowly push up and up and up as it gets filled up to let you know that it’s time to empty your tray all right so first I want to show you I’m just going to brew a shot of espresso to show you the motions here and show you the buttons and stuff like that so I put my little mug under there pull this forward so you get a better look at it so once you turn on like I said when you turn on the the power switch on the back there this front will be flashing red once you push it the machine’s on when you push it off again it just goes back into a Power Save mode okay let’s turn it back on once you different icons here they’re very straightforward they’re use obviously the pictures represent what it is basically four buttons on the front here your control buttons the power one which server showed you underneath it there’s a coffee bean and a little scoop now when you cycle through here you basically have four options okay the first option here is a little one bean alright the second one is two beans the third ones three beans and last one is that little scoop this is going to be your you know how powerful your coffee is how strong it is one being you know weak weaker coffee two being a medium roast and three being basically a boulder or darker stronger roast all right excuse me out roast actually your shot so when you change the amount of beans you’re changing the amount of coffee it’s grinding okay if you want a lighter coffee it’s not going to grind as much you know on three beans it’s going to grind the maximum for that specific shot I fell I happen to prefer really strong coffee so I always stay at three beans it’s pretty cool is that when you go to that fourth option it goes to little scoop and that’s when you use your bypass doser on top if you’re putting pre grounds in there or pre-ground coffee you put it directly in there and then you want to make sure you’re on your scoop so it knows to pull it from there as opposed to grinding as far as the grinder inside this machine it’s pretty quiet i’ve akyurek actually it’s right here I still use it it’s still an awesome machine but nothing like this that thing’s pretty loud I have the first first-generation one and when that thing is going it is screaming in the morning it wakes me up with this machine with the grinder on it’s it’s pretty quiet it’s not dead silent but it’s not rumbling or anything like that even though it’s vibrating in there it’s pretty contained and pretty quiet so yes I’m going to go to three beans for the strongest coffee or the most grinds available and then you have two buttons on the left here the top button is showing these zoom in here so you see it’s no better the top button is showing a like a half filled cup on the bottom one is a more filled cup you can easily program these it’s really easy to program basically when you get your machine new when you are at any point you can program these and change the you know how its programmed basically you push and hold the button down you hold it the down the entire time it’s going to first grind your beans then you know fill up it’s going to tamp inside which is basically compressing the coffee grounds and then scripts are brewing you hold this down the entire time okay once it starts brewing you’re shot inside you let go when that’s enough and it will always remember that exact amount not how much you’re grinding but it’s good amount it’s going to well remember exactly how much quality it’s actually dispensing into your glass so what I’ve done is I program this to basically be one shot or what I would consider one shot of espresso and then on the bottom button it’s the same thing you can program whatever you want but for this one I programmed it for a for my specific mug so when I push this it will brew coffee until that specific mug is filled to where I want really really simple really straightforward at any time at all I can push and hold that and I can actually you know reprogram it it’s really really simple I love that feature now at any point in time if you push this button once it’ll show just the one cup here and I’ll brew your one shot if I push it twice it’ll show the double cup and basically as two shots what’s cool about this is that if it does two shots it will go through the entire process again and grind fresh beans it won’t put hot water through those already used beans okay so if I do two shots or even two cups of coffee it’ll go through the whole process twice then you have this kind of a knob now you have to posit well three positions right now it’s just on the upright position which which it has to be in to brew your coffee to the left or turn this to left which I’ll show you in a couple minutes it will go to the steam option and to the right will be hot water you can dispense hot water with this machine if you’re making a cup of tea or doing whatever like I said if I want to just put some hot water in my cup to warm it I can do that so it does a suspense water so by the way at any point in time if you’re out of water or if your garbage containers filled up with grinds you will have a blinking light you know the appropriate light that’ll come up you’re on top of the right and just letting you know what the deal is all right so it’s very good about letting you know if something is wrong so it’s not going to go through a cycle and then you’re to run out of water or something I’ll let you know in advance and when they’re out you’ll also get that same warning light so if I’m out of water or if this container is not properly seated in I’ll have that warning light all right so powers on all I have to do this is preset for one shot so it pushes button I already selected how strong I want my coffee it’s three beans so I’m pushing the button once and I’ll go through the process these are happening I’ll tell you what’s going on first any of these pulling the appropriate amount of beans down into the grinder Jerry now is the a pre-soak what it does is this noise right there it’s wetting my grinds first so that when it brews through its it’s already prepped it’s better for brewing then on the C there’s two it dispenses it at two holes this is pretty pretty common for any espresso machine to pump out of two holes here so what you can do is you can actually put two glasses side-by-side all right so that it’s actually brewing it to two glasses at the same time whether you’re doing two shots or whatever your whatever you want to do it will pretty much every machine whether it’s super automatic or semi-automatic it will have two spouts it’s actually brewing out of so that’s pretty much it I have a shot of espresso you can see the crema which is on top basically when you’re making expresso and this is for people just don’t anything about it at all and this is again it’s all new to me the difference between regular coffee and espresso is espresso is pressure brewed through finer grinds okay so it’s happening is you’re putting pressure on that water and pushing it through the grinds as opposed to a drip style coffee your regular old coffee pot where basically gravity is pulling the water down through coarser grinds and what happens is as it’s pushing through it’s almost like it comes out in like a froth it doesn’t come out like a liquid it comes out like a froth or foam and the foam that settles on top is known as the crema and it’s very sought-after to have a very rich thick creamy crema it’s where a lot of the oils collect from the coffee beans it’s extremely flavorful so this is what I just have it set for one shot it’s a little bit of a heavy shot most people would have it set for a little bit less but you can see nice rich foamy crema on top all right and as it’s actually brewing you can see it it kind of settling it’s actually fun to watch it may be I’m easily immunised but anyway let me take a little sip of this extremely rich delicious now if you wanted to make a Americana which for I understand is basically a shot of expresso with hot water in it so let’s say make espresso and it’s a little strong for you or you just don’t you know it’s too much and it’s delicious all you want to do is add hot water to it and that would be in americano so I’m going to do is just for demonstration purposes here I’m going to switch this over to the the water all right I’m just going to dispense hot water into my cup now that first a little bit was basically the the cleaning of it but since it’s hot water I want I’ll just throw makeup anyway and there we go so now I basically thinned out my shot of espresso into a less strong coffee drink and Americana I’m still getting a lot of that flavor but it’s definitely dulled out yes obviously you see the water dispensing through the steam wand the steam wand itself there’s a rubber nub on here it’s very smooth and fluent to move around and to rotate very easy to use the one part itself on the bottom here is it doesn’t it gets pretty warm but it won’t burn you or scold you and by the way this is pulls right off there’s a rubber you know two rubber seals here so easy cleaning see the tip there you get with this let’s do a milk based drink let’s make a cappuccino cappuccinos are fun to make and watch and look at a lot kind of stuff so I have my little picture here of milk to make a cappuccino I’m gonna steam it right into the the mug itself but anyway I basically want to do is going to point this towards my drip tray first because it’s going to shoot some hot water through there you don’t want hot water in your milk it’s just gonna thin it out and that we want so I’m going to rotate this the other side where it’s pointing at the steam to shoot out a little bit of steam here Oh scuse me a little bit of water to clean it I put this into my cup give it a second to circulating that steam now I want to leave the tip basically just underneath this top of the milk I just want to create that air you can see it’s rising in volume I’m actually going to bring this all the way in because I want to raise the heat a little bit without creating more volume comes at the top already alright bring that back down put my cup right in front of there and brew a shot of espresso same thing free beans now I found this machine it takes about 21 seconds to brew a shot espresso I think 26 seconds is perfectly ideal on the amount of time it takes the coffee or the water to go through the coffee grinds will definitely can you know control basically how much flavor you’re getting out of that coffee for espresso you want to take a little bit of time you don’t want to just shoot through right away all right take you off zoom here and that is a perfect cup of cappuccino so we give old taste test here mmm that is delicious now on the side of the machine here we open this up I want to show you the grinds – basically what happens is once it grinds your coffee it’s putting into the other brew group on the inside which i’ma show you in a second and it’s pouring into an area and then it’s actually pushing up and it’s tamping very similar if you were if you’re a pipe smoker or if you happen to watch them the pipe smoking videos I’ve done when you tamp your tobacco you’re compressing it ok so what’s doing is compressing the coffee grinds so that they’re not loose you want them you know kind of pack together so when the hot water is being forcefully pushed through it it’s not going to just push right through it actually has to you know pass this dense you know section of coffee grinds but what happens is when it kicks it out it kicks it out in these little you know compress pucks alright so they’re easy to handle it sucks a little moisture out if I were to squeeze this it would crumble but it’s pretty easy to out to handle so you’re not dealing with more of a mess but that’s basically what you’re grinding and compressing alright so using about that much coffee per shot you’re getting a heck of a lot of flavor out of it it’s really cool this holds up to 8 pucks I found that um it dispenses probably five or six and then the light will come on just because of the way they shoot in there they kind of stack on each other even though this will probably hold ten or twelve of them the sensor kicks on about five or six just just for reference there you open the your side up here and this is what’s called the brew group alright see just push over the whole thing comes right out this is basically me just shake this over the sink little I’m not dripping this is the other brain in the machine this is what’s doing all the work inside all right you can see on top here this piece right here with the o-ring this is what your the section underneath is actually pushing up into that’s a tamping your your coffee grinds and this whole thing pops right out as far as cleaning you put this on your sink you just basically rinse off the grinds in there and then there’s certain spots that are creased up on the tracks where there’s uh there’s grease on there so you don’t really watch this thoroughly if you did you know this comes with a tube of grease all right so you can regress that if you need to but basically all you have to do is just rinse this whole brew group let it air-dry all right put the whole thing right back in and you’re ready to go to put it right the tracks and it locks right in I’m going to put this in the the steam put this over to steam I just have a clean cloth here a wash cloth and once this spews out a little bit of hot water or steam I’m gonna shut it back off that’s enough and just wipe down my entire steam one here okay you want to do this each time like I said just so that you literally don’t you can pull the whole thing off you want to make sure that little pin hole is clean but if nothing else you just don’t want old dried milk to sit on there that’s pretty much it guys I’m gonna put a bunch of links in the description box I’ll definitely link you to this specific machine so you can look at the specs and the layout of the website and stuff but besides that I’m also going to link you to whole lot a loves YouTube page because it’s extremely informative that’s all thanks for watching guys if you have any questions about anything at all feel free to ask of course some questions more technical questions might be more appropriate for for them whole lot tale of by the way very catchy name whole lot taillow I just I’m in love in love with the company and if their people and their products so I’m sold anyway thanks for watching hope you guys enjoy the rest you day and I will see you soon take care

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