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hiking backpack buying guide

Hiking BackPacks Buying Guide

Hiking backpacks are a necessity for those that plan to hike long miles or over rough terrain. You shouldn’t consider them an option for these circumstances. They can actually improve the quality of your hike as well as help you to make the entire hike more comfortable. Well designed, well-packed hiking packs are designed to provide you with the best possible experience while on the trail.

What To Look For In Backpacks For Hiking

Hiking Backpack buying Guide

There are many different types of hiking backpacks on the market, each offering something unique. There are two categories that these fit into. They are either framed or unframed packs.

Framed are important for long hikes. This frame will provide you with help in maintaining the pack’s shape. They are also heavy-duty and can take the beating you’ll be giving them. You definitely want a pack that is easy for you to carry, but a framed pack will help to keep the pack evenly filled. In addition, it is likely to handle more equipment.

In fact, when considering framing, consider it if is externally framed or if it is internally framed. Internally framed hiking packs are often the more popular choice because they provide for more comfort and they are easier for you to carry since they conform to your body’s shape.

The best comparison for you to do is to put on two different hiking backpacks and consider how well they fit your body. Consider several options. Finding the right size that fits your body is essential.

framed hiking backpack

You want to find the right comparison between the size that is comfortable for you to carry and the size that you need for your equipment.

Probably one of the most important things that you must consider here is the weight of the actual pack. The lighter the pack is, the better it will be for your overall benefit in the long term.

Remember, you’ll be filling that pack with equipment so look for one that is three pounds or less when it is empty. You don’t want hiking packs that are too heavy because they will just weigh you down even more so.

While there are advantages and disadvantages to all types of hiking backpacks, the best one is one that is comfortable for you to carry. Put one on and walk around with it. If it just doesn’t fit right, take it back.

You’ll be carrying lots of weight, up and down hard terrain. The least of your concerns should be your pack. Instead, focus on your trail instead.

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