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How Not To Lose Your Mind In A Waterpark With Your Kids

A day at the waterpark is an adventure for the kids but can also be a headache for parents. Take into account these tips to eliminate the hassle that usually comes with taking the kids on an outing.

Remember Less Is Best

traveling with kids in the waterpark tips

Carry as little baggage as possible. Arrive with swimsuits underneath regular clothing to eliminate the need to carry an extra change of clothes. Skip the bulky tennis shoes and pack sandals that can fold flat. Reduce the worry of trips and falls or the chance of feet blisters with water shoes. The kids can wear them as they swim and easily get out and walk on ground surfaces while still wearing them. 

If babies or toddlers are in tow, utilize a multi-purpose stroller to hold totes and essentials. Undercarriage nets and built-in cup holders make towels and drinks easily accessible while freeing up your hands.

Plan Your Playtime

Waterparks are typically an all-in-one place for amusement. Rides and slides seem endless, but don’t let that abundance deter you from your children’s normal routine. Maintain the structure of the day with timed increments. Will you be taking advantage of the entire park and plan to stay most of the day? If so, do not neglect normal mealtimes. Gather the kids from the water at least 15 minutes before their typical lunchtime. Allow them to dry off and get situated in appointed picnic or dining locations.

Designate some time after eating for bathroom breaks. A walk around the park to a restroom that’s further away aids in digestion and kills time before you head back to the water.

Reign In Those Risk Takers

Be mindful of age and height restrictions. You probably don’t have enough eyes and hands to effectively monitor the risk-taker child while sitting with your toddler in the wading pool area. Keep your kids together in designated areas that will allow you to better supervise them.

Follow the Leader

follow the leader - duck with chicks

You’re not the mother duck waddling alongside the pond, so don’t expect your kids to act as ducklings and properly follow behind you. Crowds and waterparks go hand in hand. The attention of a child is easily grabbed passing by a crazy water attraction. Instead of having your children at your back, walk alongside or behind them to better watch them.

Grab a park map while going through the admission gates. Although the main attraction may be the waterworks, make a game of following directions. Appoint a child to be the leader and guide the group to the next location. Families of four or more could benefit by walking in a bilateral formation, side by side in rows.

Organization and planning are the keys to reducing the strain of being outdoors, in crowds with several children. A day at a waterpark like Bissell’s Hideaway should be about having fun and relaxing, even for you as the parent! Amusement is the day’s aim, but the care of your children and safe return home is most important.

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