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hiking boot care

How to Care for Hiking Boots

hiking boots care

Have you recently purchased a pair of very classy hiking boots and you wish to keep it as good as new for a long time? Well, purchasing good hiking boots can surely create a dent in the pocket but if it gets damaged due to poor maintenance then it will be more painful than the expenditure. Thus, it is very important to carefully clean and take proper care of the boots after every use. Here are some easy and effective ways for pampering your precious hiking boots. If you want to find out top men work boots you can take a look at the following articles – men’s work boots

Firstly, check whether the laces are in good condition and opt for a replacement if you find even a bit of wear and tear. A sudden break of the lace can lead to harmful disasters during hiking.

Always use warm water to clean the boots followed by proper drying. Use soap as well for cleaning but not on leather boots. Never leave the hiking boots outside to dry in the sunlight nor use any kind of hair dryer, fire, or artificial drying agent. Let it dry naturally without any intervention so that the soles and leather do not get distorted.

For waterproof boots, check the area of conjunction between the sole and the upper portion as it is prone to damage. Use a good waterproofing substance suitable for your boot to repair the damage.

For non-waterproof hiking boots, use a good agent as suggested by the manufacturer for waterproofing the boots. It should be done after each and every use.

A toothbrush can be used for waterproofing as well as cleaning. The stones and other remains of dust and dirt can be removed with it.

You should never keep the hiking boots in a very hot or cold place. Storing them at normal room temperature is just perfect.

Never store the boots for a long time without wearing them. From time to time put them on for a few moments so that they do not lose shape and become hard for your feet.

Moreover, never purchase boots without proper consultation and knowledge else maintenance will be more difficult. Hope these tips will help you to take adequate care of your expensive hiking boots.

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