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How to Ruin Patio Cushion Covers

How to Ruin Patio Cushion Covers

Patio cushion covers are easily ruined it has to be said if you do not buy patio cushions in the right fabric in the first instance. A good quality outdoor fabric needs to be resistant to all types of weather. It should be waterproof to a degree and fade resistant too and tough enough to withstand being sat on for hours on end all summer long.

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But even with good quality fabric, it is easy to ruin your covers if you do not take care of them. Here are the main ways folks ruin their patio cushions and how you can avoid being one of them:-

1. They think Weatherproof or weather-resistant means “leave out in all weathers”

Even if patio cushions are tough they last longer if you do not test out their toughness too often.

If you store away your patio cushions when not in use you will find that they repay you with many more years when they look good as new. If possible have a storage box or small shed close to your patio so that it is easy to put your cushions away.

2. They spill stuff

It is easy to spill drinks, food and sun oil on your cushions. Somehow being careful and relaxing in the sun do not seem to go hand in hand.

When you do spill something make sure that you treat the stain with warm water right away and upholstery cleaner if necessary so that the stain does not become “set”.

Patio cushion cover

If you think you will get sun oil on your cushions be sure to lie on a towel as sun oil is one of the worst substances to remove and the last thing you want to do is discolor your retro metal patio chairs.

3. They put them away from wet

If you put your cushions away when they are wet they will grow black mold and mildew and be generally unusable after a few weeks so make sure that you allow your cushions to dry thoroughly before putting them into storage for any longer than a day or two. Make sure that space, where you store them, is dry too.

4. They are late or neglect putting them away at all

Similar to patio furniture you should always put your patio cushions away in winter so that they are not subject to the worst weather conditions.

If you leave it too late your cushions will get very wet and can show signs of mold and mildew right where they are on your garden furniture. In any case, clean your cushions before you put them away and dry them out thoroughly before storing them.

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