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Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter review

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter review

In this article I’m going to review the Katadyn hiker Pro water microfilter, so you can learn the benefits and the drawbacks of this product and make a better buying decision for yourself.

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter review

The importance of drinking only safe potable water cannot be overemphasized considering the wide range of waterborne diseases. A fact that campers Mountaineers and hikers know all too well. Fortunately, there is plenty of effective lightweights and durable water filter suitable for outdoor use like the Katadyn Hiker Pro water microfilter.

Quick Facts – Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter

First of all portable water filter should be easy to assemble especially in the field and the Katadyn Hiker Pro meets this aspect.  Just be sure to use the food grade silicone for the hose connections, threads, and gaskets not only to ensure safe drinking water from any nontap water source but also to prolong its life.

You’ll find that the disc assembly for cleaning purposes is fast easy and convenient since it can be done even in field conditions.  The filter protector screen which is filled cleanable will extend the cartridges life when used properly. 

The Katadyn hiker Pro has a point 2-micron glass fiber filter media. You may not understand what it means on the technical level but you’ll appreciate it’s observable results, fast filtering up the nonpotable water into safe drinking water. You have the opportunity to convert murky pond water or river water into potable water within minutes of pumping it through the filter with little effort.  Just push and pull on the pump handle and fall off you have safe drinking water.  Even in the middle of the boondocks without tap water in sight. You can spare mother nature from the destruction caused by bringing and throwing away bottled water while camping trekking or mountaineering.

 When the pump handle refuses to be pushed or pulled well you can check the filter located on the input lines end cover it with a regular coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band which will keep the silt from entering the input line and damaging the filter.The coffee filter should be placed around the intake pre-filter hose as well as ballooned around the intake pod. When the pump handle itself is the issue remove it and apply the food grade silicone before returning it to the filter.

 The food grade silicone is included in the package. So always be sure to bring it on your outdoor expeditions.  Of course proper care of the portable water filter is a must.  You should not allow water to freeze in it and avoid dropping it specially on hard ground from any height.  The plastic shaft of the handle should also be handled with care. Avoid using any unnecessary pressure on it, much less bending it, so that it can hold up during the entirety of your outdoor activity.  

You can use both hands to pump but you have to set up the platy bags first. You will love the lengthy hose and the adjustable float which provide great convenience. When you’re alone on a hike. to decrease the risks of the handle breaking off you can put the ball of your hand over the pump shaft. Push down while using the part of the pump handle sticking out and pull the shaft back up be sure to use gentle yet firm pressure.

 You can directly connect the Kadogan hiker pro water micro filter to your hydration pack which makes for faster and easier use of the now portable water. Use the fourth in string tubes and water bottles for this purpose. You also have the benefit of adapters that make it easy to connect the portable water filter to a camelbak or to a nalgene bottle. 

The Kaettadhum pocket micro filter which is a little bit different from the hiker pro version is also considered as an amazing filter but you’ll all you’ll deal with more weight on your backpack. Not to mention that it’s not as easy to use on your own but with the katadyn hiker Pro you have a good handle and ribbed edge design that makes it easier to use on your own than the kaettadhum pocket micro filter in comparison.

 In conclusion the hiker pro may be one of the best portable water filters in the market today. You can compare it based on ease of use water quality like taste smell and safety and longevity and it will come out as a competitive water filter one of the best in its class .

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