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Leica 40400 8-12×42

Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Binocular Review

The best aspect of the brand Leica is that they offer specialized sports optical products that are diversified in terms of application, design, and features. They have products that even outsmart the professional ones. Likewise is Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Roof Prism Binocular which is specialized to give observation from overview to the detailed view with its dual magnification. This is sometimes better than the spotting scope. Just getting into more details about this product is in the following review.

Overview of Lecia 40400 8+12*42 Duovid Binocular

Unique and compact are the design description which is great for holiday use. It brings more joy to the journey. It gets you excited and brings more happiness on observing the overview of the landscape and when required the detailing of the mountain top, bird watching and more. Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Waterproof Binocular is black in color and has rubber armoring. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum which is a possible material to give lightweight construction and also is sturdy to keep the internal mechanism protective. The dimension of this product is 120mm in width, 157mm in height and 67mm in depth. It weighs just 1045 grams.

Optical Features:

This model is been engineered in the roof prism type which has the lens coated with phase correcting P40 which gives clear and crisp images. It does have high Lux-System HLS which reduces aberration and makes a better viewing experience. There are 11 lens elements and all of these have HDC coating.

Magnification and Aperture:

The unique aspect of this model is that it gives 2 different magnifications which are 8 x and 12x which serves the purpose of both detailed and overview observation. It also gives the perfect view in the supreme low light performance during which the magnification is set at 12x which gives better recognition during the early twilight and as time goes and darkness set the magnification is set at 8x which gives a better depth of field and also better image brightness. The size of the objective lens is 42mm which allows more light to pass through than the ones with a smaller aperture.

Ergonomic Features:

This model has patented eyepieces which two stop clicks, it is also designed for the convenient use of eyeglass wearers and the eye relief is 14.5mm which is a comfortable one. Present in this model the automatic Diopter Compensation which ensures that the set position is retained even when the magnification is changed. Diopter compensation is +/-3. The eyecups are designed in the sliding style which is also removable and works with two click stops.

This model is built with nitrogen filling which makes it fog proof. The housing is made of rubber armoring which protects from water and the water tightness is up to the depth of 5 meters. In the case of the focusing system, the internal focusing is through the central focusing device.

Other Technical Details:

The various supported technical details also prove that Leica 40400 8-12×42 Duovid Dual Magnification Binocular can be best chosen for professional observation and also fun is assured for the amateur. The exit pupil also supports the objective lens in the light gathering ability and it measures 5.25mm and 3.5mm. The twilight factor is 18.33mm and 22.5mm. In the case of the field of view at the distance of 1000m are 118m and 90m. With regard to the close observation, it makes it possible to observe as close as 3.5m.


This model is been supplied along with Neoprene carrying strap, eyepiece cover, nappa leather case.

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