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Montague Paratrooper Pro Bike Review

Montague Paratrooper Pro Bike Review

Montague Paratrooper Pro Bike  Review

  Montague Paratrooper Pro is a mountain bike designed to be your best companion during adventures. This bike features a folding design to ensure portability whenever required. It comes with a military technology coupled with quality craftsmanship and a lot of innovations to support your stride on tough terrains.

Montague Pro is incredibly simple to fold and stylish enough to match your personality. The bike has 27 gears, fully front shocks, and mechanical disc brakes to enable you to enjoy your ride.

 Are you interested to know more about Montague Paratrooper Pro? Do you want to know about the features, pros, cons, and feedback? If yes, then the following Montague Paratrooper Pro review is written for you only. 

Montagu Paratrooper Pro – Description

 Pro is designed to fit your lifestyle. It is well-equipped to support many of your adventures. You can simply fold it into a compact size for easy transportation. You can store it in any of your convenient places that might be your office or home and unfold it to travel to your destination.

Paratrooper Pro can be accommodated in your car trunk and on the bus.   Montague Paratrooper Pro is a serious mountain bike designed for serious bikers. It can survive hard falls including falls out of an airplane. The set up is easy and fast. This bike can offer an efficient and fast riding performance. It features a thick aluminum frame to offer a sturdy feel. It weighs around 31 pounds when fully equipped. The socks are easily adjustable. You can make them more rigid to ride on flatter terrain. The saddle of this folding bike is made by Aero Mountain to offer precision steering ability.   It has a folding mechanism located under the frame tube. The bike has plenty of gears to ensure safe riding. The front shock is made to absorb the bumps of off-road trails to enable you to tackle the toughest terrain. It will take around twenty seconds for folding. The speed of this bike is 27 and the wheel size is 26. The folded size is36?x28?x12?

You can use this bike for multiple purposes in addition to your adventure. You can use it for an all-day single track, remote bike camping, off-road exploration, and on the tough terrain. This bike can be an ideal choice for rides between 5’11” – 6’4 

Key features   of Montague Pratrooper Pro

Direct connect folding system: Montague Paratrooper bike has a direct connect folding system that enables the riders to fold it easily within twenty seconds. It also offers a quick release on the top of the frame. You just need to lift up the pin to fold the rear section of the frame around. 

Rock Stand: This mountain bike is equipped with Rockstand. It works as a mudguard, luggage carrier, kickstand, and work stand all in one.  

Disc Brakes: The Pro features disc brakes. It has mechanical disc brakes to provide more stopping power, quicker response, and better performance in the adverse conditions. The mechanical brake also offers the total control over the brakes at any given speed.

Pro also comes with a 27-speed control system that means you will have the option to choose the strong brake set to support your adventure. 

 Folding Integrated Technology: Pro features an effective folding system to enables the users to fold bike without any crack or breaks on its frame. The design is made by the military. They have made it the best foldable mountain bike by using folding integrated technology. 

Suspension: Paratrooper Pro uses an SR Suntour XCM HLO forks that provide a suspension lockout. That means you can have the forked locked out while riding to increase the speed effortlessly.  

Adjustable Seats: The seat is adjustable and the saddle is enjoyable that makes it perfect for the mountains.

 Fastest Tires: The tires of Pro made by CST Critter Knobby. These tires can move fast on the flat roads as well as on rugged trails. 

 Safecastle Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Paratrooper Pro comes with Safecastle Stainless Steel Water bottle with a carabiner clip that you can use during riding.  

Stylish Design: The components and designs of the bike are meant to complement each other. There are enough gears, a plush front fork, great maneuverability, responsive braking, and quick shifting to offer improved performance and a stylish look. The dark green color complements well with other designs.  

Pros  of a Paratrooper Pro

 •  Designed by the military for military use that made it pass numerous tests 

•  The overall design is impressive. It looks great and stylish.  

•  Excellent mechanical disc brakes to offer a full range of braking motion 

•  Capable to offer a lot of fun and adventure on a variety of terrain 

•  27 gears to offer exceptional functionality  

•  Tires provide an impressive grip 

•  Great and easy folding within 20 seconds  

•  Suspension lockout to increase speed  

•  Convenient for trekking. You can ride it on the muddy tracks, grass fields, and rocky roads. 

•  The wheels can work best on toughest terrains and slippery roads. 

Cons  of Paratrooper Pro

•  A bit expensive in comparison to average mountain bikes

 •  The handlebar is not adjustable

 •  Pedals are not good 

•  Small handlebar grips 

•   A little heavier 

Customer reviews 

Montague Paratrooper Pro has received many positive reviews from the users. They find it heavy, well-built, and excellent on any terrain. Many of them appreciate the clever folding design. They can easily fold it within twenty to twenty-five seconds and accommodate it in their convenient place. Many of the users have recommended this mountain bike for a sturdy material, foldable design, and excellent performance. Only a few users are not satisfied with assemble.


Montague Paratrooper Pro can be the best choice for the trails and dirt paths. It is made to support your ride on the toughest terrain. You can enjoy trekking anytime you want without worrying much about safety and terrain conditions. Pro is compact and efficient. It can meet many of your riding needs. All the features from the stylish look, sturdy built to foldable design make it worth buying. In addition to the above, Paratrooper Pro is supported by a lifetime warranty and 30 days return policy. In the end, you will be the winner irrespective of the level of your satisfaction.

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