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camping tents

Experience The Great Outdoors In a Camping Tent

If you want to experience the great outdoors and feel close to nature than nothing beats a camping tent. An RV may be the way many people prefer to travel but if you want to escape from your busy lifestyle and get back to nature why would you take the lifestyle with you? A camp tent adventure can take you places that an RV can never get to.

3 person and 4 person camping tents

Camping tents don’t take up much space and are normally easy to transport and carry. Most camp tents even come with their own carry bag that holds everything you need to erect your campsite once you have decided to stop for the night.

You can even carry it with you on a hike and travel along hiking trails to destinations that can only be seen by walking there on foot. Imagine finding that perfect spot along an inland pond or lake that is secluded, lush vegetation and a great place to swim or fish and you have with you a camping tent.

Camping tents come in many shapes, colors and designs so you can choose from a small one-person camping tent or 2 man tent to a large 4 person tent or 6 man tent like Colmen 6 Person Tent depending on the size of the party you need to house for your outdoor experience.

Of course, if you need to sleep more than 5 or so people and you don’t want to buy more than one tent, you could always get a canvas tent. They are much larger than the normal tents you see and can sleep a lot more people.

one person camping tent
One Person Camping Tent

Camping is a fun past time for the family and a great way to get the children involved in the outdoor world around them. Make sure your camping tent is water repellent so it will hold up to any rainstorms or adverse weather. Most camping tents are already water repellent but you can buy a spray that will make it water repellent if yours isn’t.

Camping tents usually have an insect screen as part of the design to keep out the pest mosquitoes and any flies you may encounter. Many tents even come with screened windows and doors that you can open with just a pull of a zipper to let in some fresh air.

Pop up camping tents are even available now that one person can erect and seem to nearly do all the work themselves. Many are so light that you may find yourself double-checking your backpack to make sure you brought along your tent.

Colman 4 person tent
Colman 4 Person Tent

A great way to spend some quality time with your friends or family is certainly spending some time exploring the great outdoors in a family camping tent or even two. No distractions like television, computer, the Internet or the dreaded Play Station, just you and nature.

Take time to go fishing, hiking, swimming or just enjoy a night together around a campfire maybe seeing who can tell the best ghost stories. Isn’t it time you took time for yourself and enjoyed the natural world around you.

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