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Outdoor Patio String Lights Buying Guide

Outdoor Patio String Lights Buying Guide

Looking to buy Outdoor Patio String Lights? Our Outdoor Patio String Lights Buying Guide will help you to buy the most appropriate one. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your new outdoor Patio string of lights:

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Bulb size – this covers the physical size of the bulb as well as the wattage. If the bulb size is too small it will get lost in the look of your backyard and the opposite could be true of large lantern style lights. You also need to think about how bright you want each light on the string to be and buy lights and bulbs accordingly.

Length of string – how far from a power source do you want your lights to be? Obviously this is not an issue if you are using solar lights. You also need to think about how long a stretch you want the lights to cover. Some strings can be joined end to end to extend the area that can be covered so look out for this if this would be useful to you.

Power source – battery or solar-powered strings are ideal as you do not need to have access to a power socket in this case.

Type of bulb – LED bulbs are better than incandescent as they are more efficient and safer.

Weatherproof – make sure any string lights that you plan to leave outside for periods of time are weatherproof.

Color of bulb – white is the most common but it may be worth mixing white lights with some colored ones for a more fun effect.

Do’s and Don’ts When Setting Up Your Outdoor Patio String Lights Buying guide

  • Do hang them appropriately and safely. Tie them with twine and avoid sharp nails or staples.
  • Do keep them out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not place them in locations where they will blind guests when they are sitting down.
  • Do not place them where they will shine into neighbors backyards.

Caring For Your Outdoor Patio String Lights Buying Guide

Outdoor decorative string lights will last longer if you take proper care of them. Here are a few tips:

  • Clean them regularly.
  • Bring them inside during the winter months or rainy season.
  • Keep them in a sunny place so they will dry out from any rain.
  • Make sure they are fastened down in a non-windy place.

Generally, outdoor lighting options are created to make your patio or garden standout even when night falls. Perfect for barbecues, picnics, parties or simple get-togethers, string lights can make any event more memorable.

When used well, outdoor string bulb lights can transform your patio, garden or any other place in your house from nice to fantastic. A few strategically placed lights in the right places work more wonders than you can imagine.

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