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Patio Umbrella Lights

Patio Umbrella Lights 101

Strange as it may seem, patio umbrella lights are one of the most innovative, elegant markets in the US. A simple Internet search will provide any number of different models that are available. Significant amounts of time may be wasted without a quick background given below.

Types of Patio Umbrella Lights

Outdoor patio umbrella lights come in three different types, according to their position relative to the umbrella.

Patio Umbrella Lights
Patio Umbrella Lights

Umbrella Chandeliers Lights

Umbrella chandeliers are affixed to the pole and spread an array of lights or candles along the inside-top of the umbrella. These can be surprisingly inexpensive for the degree of elegance they impose. If you want to impress your guests, this is the option to choose. Umbrella chandeliers can turn a patio festivity into an exquisite dinner party.

The most significant distinguishing factor between umbrella chandeliers is their power source. While battery-operated chandeliers are wireless, they may become a pain if frequently used. Some models prefer to use candles rather than artificial light, as they do not require as much maintenance while providing a natural, romantic ambiance.

Patio Umbrella String Lights

This category of patio umbrella lighting refers to the strings of lights that are affixed to either the ribs of the umbrella or hang from the tips.

They are festive (more so for the hanging bulbs), classy (more so for the rib-attachments), and involve very little hassle. The preferred models use LED lights, which do not attract insects, and the bulbs do not need to be replaced very often.

The downside is that most models require an outlet to plug into. Some models of patio umbrella light, however, use solar power to recharge battery power during the day, then a light detector turns them on as the sunsets.

These are more expensive and typically require a small device to be attached to the top of the umbrella. Some patio umbrellas come with the light and solar panel already installed.

Table Lights

If all of the above seems like a bit too much hassle without the payoff, then a mere, tried-and-true table light could be the right answer.

Outdoor candles are a possibility, and there have been a number of breakthroughs, including the development of candles with chemicals that deter insects and pests from approaching the table.

Alternately, there are LED candles, which are battery-powered, completely harmless, and which do not attract insects to begin with.

An interesting alternative to the entire idea of umbrella patio lights is to use string lights, hung strategically around the back yard to provide enough ambient light to eat by.

While it requires more planning and a bit of flair, these displays can be extremely impressive, and cheaper than one would initially think.

Globe Party lights, called G40s and G50s, run for around $1 per bulb and may be affixed in any number of ways to trees, pedestals, tables, and umbrellas. The great part about using globe lights is that they can branch out from the table/s approaching the power source overhead rather than underfoot.

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