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Sleeping Bag Liner

Why a Sleeping Bag Liner is a Travel Essential

A sleeping bag liner is an essential travel item for everyone, whether you are on just a short trip or planning a year-long backpacking trip around the world.

Most people will not need to pack a regular sleeping bag unless you’re planning on camping or staying in very cold countries, but a sleep sheet or sleeping bag liner will give you just the right amount of warmth and comfort and doesn’t take up much space in your backpack.

A sleeping bag liner is basically a sheet that has been folded in half and sewn down the two edges in order to form a bag.

It can be used either in combination with a full sleeping bag to protect the inside and give an extra layer of warmth, or you can use it on its own in hot countries or under hotel or hostel sheets and blankets.

It’s possible to make your own sleep sheets if you are on a tight budget but they are inexpensive to buy and often come with handy features like a pillow pocket or in a mummy shape to fit mummy shaped sleeping bags.

The range of fabrics and colors is also extensive including cotton, silk, bamboo and man-made fabrics.

A silk sleeping bag liner is the choice of seasoned travelers as they pack down very small, are incredibly light, dry quickly and do not get too hot in warm weather.

They are not as expensive as they sound and can be bought from any outdoor activity or travel store.

You can also buy extra wide sleeping bag liners to fit a double sleeping bag – handy if you’re traveling with your partner, although the single versions are more flexible for cuddling up in when you’re waiting in an airport or bus station.

Don’t forget this essential piece of travel kit when you’re compiling your packing list.

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