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Star Wars Backpack

Star Wars Backpack

Who is not familiar with the famous American epic space opera, Star Wars. Being the fourth highest grossing film makes Star Wars outshine in the entire Hollywood industry.

People of all ages are mad with the mania of Star War films, game series, and even products produced under the same banner. There is no wonder how and why the film merchandizing is expanding like anything. The biggest reason for this craze is that the audience got familiar with an altogether a new world of space and galaxy of which they are not a part of.

The journey in the realm of Star Wars mesmerize audience because it is a story of “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”, that is dramatized with equally historical approach and characters.

Star Wars mania does not include film and game series only but you would be amazed to find there is a whole world of it generated for its ardent lover.

In the expanded and huge universe of your favorite Star Wars, you can find comic books, DVD, television, computer and video games, backpacks, and many other accessories.

Chewbacca Backpack

chewbacca backpack

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Star Wars 16″ Backpack Resistance with the Force Awakens Episode 7 BB8 Chewbacca

Star Wars School backpack features another fascinating experience, that is, The Resistance. This backpack normally measures 16″ x 12″ x 4.5″ which is perfect for the school or play. The bag is perfect for all the ages!

Chewbacca Backpack

The backpack weighs only 9.6 ounces which are a reasonable weight for kids to carry. Its front is made attractive with fine designing and styling. The backpack has great graphics with Star Wars characters imprinted on it.

The front pencil pocket has got a smaller space though but it fits well for stationery items like pencils, pen alone. It is not big enough to adjust snacks like stuff in addition.

The bag provides enough space for keeping your child’s stuff like a couple of folders, a notebook, lunch box where it still makes room for more stuff. The spacious room inside makes the bag likable because it becomes suitable for older kids as well whereby they can keep more stuff according to their greater demands of school.

In either way, you would not like to miss this one because it is both attractive and affordable for your young ones’ needs.

On top of all, the backpack ranks 137 amongst toys and games of kids. This is enough proof that parents and kids are loving this product perfectly.

Without a doubt, it is a brilliant gift idea for any of the fan of the series!

Star Wars Boys’ Disney BB-8 Multi Compartment 16 Inch Backpack

This fine Star Wars backpack is made of 90% Polyester, 8% PVC, and 2% Other Fiber. The product is designed for imported quality. The best part that moms would love about this multi-compartment backpack is that this little carrier is washable with hands which make the product more durable and robust. It is 16 h x 12 w x 5 cold.

The exterior features include adjustable straps, locker handle, front zip pocket, side pockets for the water bottle, padded straps, and multi compartments to carry the stuff of variant sizes and nature.

There are no hidden pockets though, yet you would love the fact that pockets outside are sufficient for your kid’s needs. People are often misled about the caption for this backpack as it names only boys, however, it is not the whole truth. Girls love BB-8 pretty well too and so the manufacturers are all ready to offer it to little girls as well.

The facade is adorned with spaceship characters, machines and captions which make it extremely loveable for kids. Moreover, all these things give an appearance of three-dimensions that adds to its qualities.

Star Wars VII Episode 7 The Force Awakens Backpack, Lunch Box and School Supplies

This amazing Star Wars backpack is officially licensed for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. It is specially made for easy and happy school supply for your kids.

Star Wars VII Episode 7 The Force Awakens Backpack

The product has a bundle set that includes backpack, tin lunch box with puzzle. It further contains 2 extremely cool folders, a nice water bottle with a capacity of 17oz water bottle – 7.5″ height, and a pack of 6 wooden pencils. That sounds refreshing. Isn’t it?

This bundle set allows you to enjoy complete Star Wars experience in one go. With this you do not have to buy any other aiding stuff. For the best school supply backpack adventure this is the best option for you.

The 16″ backpack featuring The Resistance has 2 main zippered compartments which are pretty spacious to keep your folders, notebook and lunch box. Additionally, it has got 2 side mesh pockets that measure 16″ x 12″ x 4.5″. The side pockets allow you to keep your water bottle fixed whereas you can use the other side pocket to contain your snacks like apple or something.

The long list is not over yet. In the bundle set, you get a tin lunch box of 7.75″ x 6.25″ x 3″ with 100 Piece Puzzle that measure approximately 12.50″ x 15″. Now this is really amazing. A lunch box in addition makes your school bag perfect to carry for school and back. This product covers all what your kid can desire with all the Star Wars fun and excitement.

Each and other part of the backpack carries stories of awesome adventures and thrilling events. Your child never gets tired to use these things with excitement. If you are sending your child with their favourite space world characters, there is no reason why they would like to stay at home.

This Star Wars VII Episode 7 The Force Awakens the Backpack is all ready to impress its ardent fan and aficionado with its super exciting bundle set.

Thermos Star Wars Episode Vii Dual Compartment Lunch Kit, Kylo Ren

Being a need of time, Thermos Star Wars lunch kit provides you the best safe lunch kit for school and back. The backpack not only keeps the lunch of your child safe and healthy but also saves a good deal of money that you would be spending on disposables otherwise.

Thermos Star Wars Episode Vii Dual Compartment Lunch Kit

One of the distinguishing qualities of Thermos lunch kit is it is 100% PVC free with the PEVA linings that allows you to remove any dust from the outer surface by cleaning with cloth. Moreover, its superior quality closed the cell polyethylene foam insulation makes it durable for a long time. As a matter of fact, the Thermos brand has been enjoying a unique reputation for insulated products for a100 years and so.

The most attractive part about this product is its detailed screen with printed graphics that gives the lunch kit all the more likeable for kids. In fact, for kids it is the centre of attention about which they can talk about with their friends for hours.

This Star War backpack contains two separate compartments for trouble-free storage and crushproof lunches. In this way, the outer surface hampers from anything to damage the lunch inside. Along with this, the lunch kit carries an extremely comfortable padded carrying handle too which is made for a bit older kids like 5plus.

THERMOS brand is reliable and trustworthy for providing its consumers innovative and stylish portable containers that support you to create a healthy and safe lifestyle for your child. With this dedication, Thermos has continued to expand its range of exciting and functional lunch kits that helps in getting your child’s healthy lunch to school and back, in fashion.

The lunch kit is available in many more designs, colours and characters. Every parent can choose for kids’ according to their perfect taste.

Star Wars Luggage R2D2 16 Inch Rolling Backpack

The infamous Star Wars stuff is liked and loved everywhere especially among its young fans. Another Star Wars luggage rolling backpack attracts the parents for its 100% polyester and imported quality.

Star Wars Luggage R2D2 16 Inch Rolling Backpack

The rolling bag is an official Star Wars product with brand new with tags. It has a gorgeous and captivating facade with three-dimensional printing, showing off the spaceship characters with pride.

The bag has got a perfect height for handles while rolling the backpack. It allows even more room for height improvement and makes it ideal for children of different age groups to roll it.

The bag is not useable only for daily school but can be well used while travelling as well. However, with 16x12x5 size, the bag is not going to provide much space. It does not allocate you to keep many folders because the height of the bag fails to allow.

In this regard, the rolling bag suits the younger one’s needs best where they have to keep only small stuff. However, being a rolling backpack is another great charm associated with this product that kids love a lot.

They love to drag and roll it with immense happiness and often insist to carry it wherever they go other than school. This Star Wars luggage rolling backpack is extremely cute and adorable to be your loved one’s companion.

6. Star Wars Boys’ Disney Chew Bacca 3D Plush Furry Arms and Legs 16 Inch Backpack

This furry Star Wars backpack is made up from 50% polyester and 50% from other fibres with imported quality. Being made from polyester, the furry bag allows to be washed and cleaned with hands to remove any dust from it.

The bag is 13″ high and 2″ wide whereby its total dimensions are 16 h x 12 w x 5 cold.

Exterior features of the bag involve adjustable straps, locker handle and padded straps. The facade has got everything that kids can like about it. With its plush furry arms and the legs, this monster cum stuffed toy looks adorable.

Preschoolers love to carry it to school. Older kids may like to take it while travelling and hanging out where they can carry it for small and important things. However, not really awesome for older kids to carry school and back because of its limited space.

Even then, the bag has got spacious inside where you can keep folder and lunch box for your kid.

The adorable Chewbacca has got a good quality zipper with a medium weight canvas. Though, the bag contains no inside pockets where small things can be kept separately. Still, the main interior would do the job and make a good companion for keeping small things handy.

The backpack is made in China who are proud manufacturers of Star Wars Chewbacca flurry arms and legs backpack.

Backpack – Star Wars Ep7 – 16 Kylo Ren w/Lunch Bag New SW16B

Star Wars episode 7 school backpack allows you to enjoy a great journey with your favourite characters. The backpack lunch box features Kylo Ren.

It measures 16″ x 12″ x 8″. The kylo Ren is ideal for kids’ school and play. It allows kids of all ages to experience the great fantasy of Star Wars.

The bag contains one spacious interior with two side pockets to carry stuff like water bottle. Moreover, it has got one small pocket in its exterior where you can keep lunch box for your kid’s school time. The zippers are of high quality.

The bag weighs 13.6 ounces. It ranks 391 among top toys and games. This is quite a proof of the bag’s high quality fabric that is both durable and robust in its use.

The backpack makes itself an awesome choice because of its cool features and awesome price range. It could be the best carrier for your young ones.

This backpack is always a great gift idea for any ardent fan of the series!

Star Wars mania has engulfed the inhabitants of the entire world. Where elder people love to watch its films series and play video games, children love to adorn themselves with its fantastic products.

Star Wars has now become a phenomenon where children aspire to have these space and galaxy creature in their lives, may it be their water bottle, folders, costumes or school backpacks. The experience is thrilling through and through!!

If you really want to make your child’s school experience a happier and memorable one, getting an awesome backpack for them is the right way to do it. You would be amazed by the energy and enthusiasm with which your child step out for school with amazing ranging of Star Wars backpacks.

Do not wait for too long. Avail the opportunity to make your child’s childhood an awesome one! Make it feel like they are travelling the far off galaxy all by themselves.

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