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Schrade Extreme Survival Knife – Survive Off the Grid

One thing that preppers, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts all know is the importance of essential gear for surviving off the grid. Those who truly know how to live off the land also know the many uses of a good, solid knife.

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Schrade Extreme Survival Knife Ratings

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Anyone whose outdoor activities include chopping wood, skinning game or filleting a fresh catch know that a high-quality, portable knife is often handier than larger tools designed for those uses. The go-to knife of many survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts in the know is the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife.

The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife boasts a rare combination of useful features for camping, backpacking and survival purposes at an affordable price.

The knife has a full tang, meaning that the length of the metal blade is the total length of the knife and the material for the handle is attached around it. The blade itself is a drop point style, 6.4-inch long and ¼-inch 1095 high-carbon steel blade and 5.6-inch Kraton handle, a heavy nylon belt sheath and TPE rubber scales for a non-slip grip. The handle also has a lanyard hole for use in place of the belt.

The pros of owning the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife can be seen in the high quality of its features. The Kraton handle is removable, allowing for thorough cleaning of the entire blade before reassembling for later use.

The lanyard hole and heavy nylon sheath give the user the option of storing it on a belt or keeping it around the neck. The high-carbon steel blade makes it tougher than many other blades and easier to sharpen, although this blade is not actually stainless. The drop point style blade makes it more useful as a hunting knife and gives the user a greater cutting area and a strong, sharp and controllable point for detailed knife work.

The cons will vary from user to user. As previously stated, the Schrade is not made of stainless steel, so users will want to use oil or water when sharpening the blade. The size, approximately 12 inches including blade and handle, maybe too small for some and too big for others. Likewise, the total weight, almost a full pound, maybe a slight burden in the field, particularly when hanging from a lanyard.

Overall, people who have purchased the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife find a great deal to like about it. Most users of the Schrade find it to be very well built and perfect for a variety of uses, including chopping, batoning and food production, with one user noting that it was sharp enough out of the box for skinning game.

Some users will point out that the handle is not perfectly flush with the tang but that this generally does not interfere with the knife’s basic functionality. The rubber scales on the handle provide several different grips, and even users with small hands find that they are able to get good chopping leverage by gripping it behind the index finger groove.

Many users like that the choil makes it possible to sharpen the entire cutting edge of the knife and to choke up on the blade when doing up-close work. With regards to the different grips provided by the handle, users generally appreciate that the perception of weight – in the handle or in the blade – changes with the grip, particularly when gripping it for delicate work in a manner that makes it seems handle-heavy and when moving the grip back along the handle, in which case the blade seems to have the necessary weight for chopping.

This might explain why some users find that the knife has a good balance for throwing at a target in an emergency. As can be expected, one of the chief drawbacks identified by buyers is the weight of the knife. For many, one pound of the knife is too much to carry around for general use, but this will also vary from user to user.

Overall, the Schrade is widely considered to be the sturdiest and most useful survival knife for the money. With its high-carbon steel blade, drop point blade, TPE rubber scale removable handle and heavy nylon sheath, it lends itself to many different outdoor uses. The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife is the knife that all survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts should have at their disposal.

Top Two Schrade Survival Knife

Schrade SCHF27 Fixed Blade – Urban Survival Knife

We’re looking at the Schrade SCH F 27. The overall length of 11.5 inches.  Schrade SCHF27 blade length 6.5 inches. Schrade SCHF27 blade material eight CR thirteen MOV. It is a drop-point blade with a hollow grind.  It does come with a sheath that is made of molded plastic and the weight for the knife is ounces. It’s not that much bigger than the Schrade SCH f 27.

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

Schrade SCHF27 handle is quite comfortable to hold on to.  I think you could use a little bit more gimping maybe up here while your thumb is going to rest and then on the underside.  It is a TPE handle so it is lightweight.

I wanted to get this knife for review was because of one of the unique features of having a five-in-one multi-tool.  This is similar to some of the keychain tools that Schrade has. This one officially has five different tools in it. You’ve got a flathead screwdriver you have a belt or cordage cutter. It also has a bottle cap opener and then some wrench drivers here of different sizes.

I think is pretty cool about this design is that it is still full tang so the blade you have here in the metal is running all the way through here and even when you take multi-tool out of the way you can still see that you have one piece of metal that’s running from the end all the way out to the tip.  

This knife you certainly could use it as a wilderness survival knife.  The only reason I would be a little bit hesitant about that is not because of the actual blade end but because of that multi-tool.  In my opinion generally speaking if you’re in the woods the majority of those options that are built into the multi-tool are not going to be super useful.

What I would recommend this for is you could use this like a knife in a car survival bag, a car emergency bag and urban bailout bag and urban survival bag because you do have some wrenches and some other features like that built into that multi-tool. Certainly, you could use this in a variety of camping settings or wilderness settings but for me, I think there are probably some other options.

If you want to get a fixed blade from Schrade then I would go with for wilderness survival instead of this knife and I just want to give thumbs up to Schrade for trying to be unique and different in some of their design.

They’re going to be some people who think this is super cool and other people who just can’t stand it but shred is trying to step outside the box and say okay let’s do something instead of  a lot of the standard knives that are out there or even you know some of their other designs every year they try to innovate and do some new things.

Schrade SCHF 36 Fixed Blade Bushcraft and Survival Knife Review

CHF 36 bushcraft knife from Scharade. 1095 carbon steel TP handles and extremely well balanced.

SChf 37 which is a carbon steel version about a blade. It’s a carbon steel knife.

Schrade SCHF 36 Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF36 has almost a quarter-inch spine. It’s extremely well made. It’s a full tang knife. Obviously, it’s got a look exposed pommel that you could use for crushing nuts or whatever kind of tacky. TPE handles got a finger troll for carving. A pretty good point on this thing for a drop-point design very even symmetrical grind on it strays doing a great job on their grinds. 

The sheath is a ballistic nylon sheath with a kind of leg tie-down. It’s got a plastic insert some kind of plastic insert to keep them cutting the sheath and it’s not reversible due to the angle of the handle and the angle of the sheath. So and then it’s got the snap retention which is adjustable as I guess as it is it loosens up or whatever you can tighten it up some and it’s really cool.

 It’s got another pocket on it right that you can carry all kinds of stuff in i.t Comes with  Ferro rod which belief is a very effective Ferro rod.

This is a really really solid knife but doesn’t take my word for it.

It’s probably not going to be your best chopper the SC HF 37 with almost a seven-inch blade does a lot better. But if you’re in a survival situation it let’s get the job done for you.  Schrade SCHF36 is just not optimal for chopping but it will get the job done in a pinch and that’s really what you’re looking for in a survival knife.

I’m giving this thing like an A+. it’s really really seriously a great knife. I just don’t think you can go wrong this is going to be. I think Schrade SCHF36 is going to be one of the best deals on knives as far as bushcraft survival top knives. Schrade SCHF36  does a great job of chopping a great job of atoning has Holly baton able super good Carver really great job on the fire steel. All those features are really great but we know what’s really important.  The knife is balanced. The balance of a knife is the key to its performance in every area and so I always like to make sure that knives are balanced and this one is really good

Schrade SCHF36 has a lifetime warranty, which is really great. However, they do say you got to use them the way they’re intended and they specifically say their warranty that one of the things that you’re not supposed to do is throw a knife.

I hope this has been helpful for a quick look at the straight Schrade SCHF36 carbon steel with the TPE handle.

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