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Targus Checkpoint -Friendly Air Traveler Backpack

Targus Checkpoint -Friendly Air Traveler Backpack

targus checkpoint-friendly air traveler backpack
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This Targus-Checkpoint Friendly Air Traveler Backpack Review will help you to make a correct decision on buying the best air traveler backpack. 

Frequent travelers going from city to city or traveling to distant countries where changing planes at different airports are part of the itinerary, know the agony of checkpoints.

Apart from taking off your shoes, belt, and jacket, often holding up your falling pants or skirt with one hand, you have to pull and tug to get that laptop out of your carry on, acrobatically procuring a separate container to place it in, as the tired security personnel looks on with boredom.

Why Targus checkpoint-friendly air traveler backpack is the best?

What utter relief to have a product like Targus checkpoint-friendly air traveler backpack that will help you bypass at least one step in your travel namely; not having to pull the laptop out of its snug habitat at any checkpoint. Many will agree that thought alone makes a Targus checkpoint friendly air traveler backpack worthwhile owning.

Futuristic Design of Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack

How futuristic for Targus a leading company in developing mobile carrying cases, to develop this revolutionary item. It solves the problem for many travelers who need to bring a laptop along on their journey, and the number of such travelers is rapidly increasing.

Traveling is made easier now with Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler backpack at check-points for students returning to school, business people and even the average user who want to keep up with the news or play games on their computer.


Targus Checkpoint -Friendly Air Traveler Backpack review
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All travelers can now balance toting heavy suitcases and their laptops, in a Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack. The special feature that makes this backpack unique is the material it is composed of affording it the ability to withstand X-ray screening at the airport without damaging the fragile laptop within.

Featuers of Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack


Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack is made of a lightweight material it is designed for comfort and ease in traveling weighing a mere 2.46 lbs. In this age of smaller more compact laptops the total weight of the backpack along with the 15.8” laptop it houses, will be less than 10 lbs which most people can tolerate easily.

Components : Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack

Other features which make this Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack a great traveling companion are the file compartment which allows secure storage of information, zipped pockets in which to keep easily retrievable important items such as car keys and USB ports, also a midsection that opens up completely separating the laptop from the other compartment.

3D Mesh Padded Back Pannel 

Much innovative technology has gone into the production of the Targus checkpoint-friendly air traveler backpack. This includes the 3D mesh padded back panel designed to add support and the secure ergonomic shoulder straps padded for added comfort and balance, its water bottle holders for those long periods of waiting between flights to stay hydrated. This Targus checkpoint-friendly air traveler backpack offers the ultimate in a traveling case when used as directed by the manufacturer.

A forerunner in the manufacturing of traveling cases Targus was ahead of the game in developing this item to meet the needs of the average traveler in comfort and style and being airport security camera friendly.

Avoid Checkpoint Hassel

Having secured guidelines from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in manufacturing the product, there are some instructions users are advised to adhere to for maximum benefit and to avoid checkpoint hassle using the Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack such as;

  • Keep only the laptop in its compartment during traveling.
  • Keep all electronic items separate without stacking.
  • Avoid unnecessary items in the backpack.
  • Only one computer should be packed in a backpack.
  • If need to carry a second back up battery place in checked luggage to avoid unnecessary delay at a checkpoint.
  • Equipment in Targus checkpoint-friendly air travel backpack must be for one computer only.

With a backpack, this lightweight some people may find it difficult to resist the temptation of packing just a few other items in it for fun or leisure and that is great as long as over-packing does not become an issue or stacking electronics.

Most users have definitely given this product the thumbs up citing such factors as its ease of toting and fitting comfortably under the seat of the aircraft. Others are thrilled with the middle section that holds magazines, snacks, and the zip-through pouch in which to stash a jacket to be retrieved later when airborne.

Being prepared with a Targus checkpoint-friendly air traveler backpack will greatly ease the stress of travel. By reading the directions accompanying the product and being vigilant to follow the instructions will provide travelers with confidence. It will greatly help in the organization, the security of laptops and documents, and speed up the process at checkpoints.

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