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4 person tent

The 4 Person Tent is Perfect for The Small Family or Couple

So, you have been thinking about going camping. Great! Camping is a wonderful way to spend time with your family. You know, quality time, away from television and video games. You are going to need a few things like flashlights, a cooler or two, camping sleeping bags, a lantern and likely a propane stove. The most important item you’ll need though is your tent.

Coleman Sundome Tent
Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

For a family of 3 or 4, or even if you are a couple who just wishes to have a little extra space for your things, you’ll likely want a 4 person tent or maybe even a 6 man tent. Of course, you could always just buy a 2 man tent for every person in your family, but where is the fun in that? Check our camping tent buying guide for detail info.

A four-person tent will have plenty of room for two to four people. You’ll want to be sure you get a 4 person tent that is sturdy. If a rain or wind storm blows in, you certainly do not want to get wet.

Getting wet while camping can make the whole experience miserable. If you want the camping trip to be a good experience, then a sturdy, waterproof tent is a must. You also want to be sure you stake your 4 person tent down well.

If there isn’t anything heavy in your tent, and a strong wind blows through, you could end up chasing your tent. That isn’t fun and certainly isn’t something you want to be doing.

There are many types of tents. There are dome tents, pyramid tents, hoop tents, wedge tents, A-frame tents and more. The best 4 person tent, especially for a family, is the 4 person dome tent.

Dome tents are simple to put up and actually rather roomy. Back in the day a tent was made of canvas, breathed very little, and if you were inside it on a hot day you would broil. Now, tents are breathable and made of fabrics such as nylon and polyester. Tents also come with plenty of windows, and a rain fly that can come off on nice nights. The 4 person tent can also have 2 rooms, to give a tad of privacy in the close quarters.

You can find four-person tents at any sporting goods store. They can be a tad expensive, though, because they are of higher quality. If you want a cheap 4 person tent, you can find plenty at Wal-Mart or other stores of that nature.

The 4 person camping tent is a terrific investment. You will get plenty of family time, which most families do not get enough of in today’s society. You will make memories that will last for years when you go camping with your family.

Camping is something your children will never forget. You will get your money’s worth in family time, however, you will also be purchasing a tent that will last for years on end if taken care of properly. You want to be sure never to put your 4 person tent away wet. This will cause it to mold.

If you must pack up your 4 person tent while it is wet, be sure to open it up and air it out once you get home.

Store your 4 person tent where it will not get wet and where moths won’t have a chance to get to it. If taken care of well, your 4 person tent will make memories for your family for years.

While you are out shopping for tents, you might as well pick up a beach tent as well. You will never have to burn on the beach again!

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