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True Utility SmartKnife Review

The True Utility SmartKnife is a small innovative knife that is much more than just a pocket knife…. It’s a bottle opener, screwdriver, glass breaker, belt cutter, multi-size spanner, and a knife all wrapped up in a high-grade stainless steel body. The closed length of the SmartKnife is 90 x 33mm.

It would have been great if a can opener rather than a bottle opener was included but there’s a bottle opener in case you need it anyway.

The spanner handles 4mm – 10 mm bolts which covers pretty much everything you would encounter on a daily basis for small jobs around the home.

There is a flat head screwdriver which does the job ok but is a bit awkward to turn. Most screws these days are Phillips heads so it would have been better if the screwdriver had a Phillips’ head.

The blade itself measures 55 mm and is made of fine sandblasted high grade 420 stainless steel and utilizes a liner lock. There is also a thumb stud. As it is brand new, the blade is quite stiff which makes opening it using the thumb stud almost impossible. The blade is not exactly razor sharp but cuts through rope and cardboard with ease.

True Utility SmartKnife

There is also a small seat belt cutter at the end of the knife incase you need to cut a seat belt in a car accident.

As you can see in the photo below, there is a rather short (4 cm) ruler. I’m not entirely sure how useful that really is in everyday life, but there’s a ruler in case you need one.

Like the FireStash, the SmartKnife also comes inside a waterproof plastic container which as I mentioned in the FireStash review is great for putting a waterproof fire kit together. With an RRP of around $26, this affordable knife is great for having in an emergency kit as a backup. I now carry this in my EDC bag as a backup knife as you can never have too many blades discover more here. There are also a few options on this knife that I might need at some point so I just keep it handy. My favorite part of the SmartKnife is probably the strap cutter

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