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Waterproof Rain Jackets - Buyers Guide

Waterproof Rain Jackets – Buyers Guide

The average person is not waterproof. The average rain jacket or waterproof poncho is, however. That is why on windy, stormy days, a waterproof rain jacket or rain poncho is essential. Nothing can seem worse than showing up drenched to the office or to school.

Waterproof Rain Jackets wones
Columbia Women’s Arcadia Ii Waterproof Breathable Jacket

How does a rain jacket keep a person dry? It is made with water-proof fabric. That means when precipitation finds its way under an umbrella, the person beneath is sprayed, but not wet. It means when arriving at one’s destination, all that needs to be done to appear as if outside it was a comfortable, spring day is the removal of one’s light rain jacket. After hanging it up with everyone else’s water-proof armor, it is easy to tell who left theirs at home.

Rain jackets offer other valuable components as well. Generally, at least two huge pockets are available to be home to the types of extras carried on a rainy day. Beanie caps, bulky gloves, a mid-sized umbrella, and even a small purse can each fit in one of these pockets. Mostly, however, the pockets are used to give hands a little extra warmth from that intemperate weather. This feature of a rain jacket means that its owner will be carrying less, and will arrive that much sooner. It means that these pockets’ cargo will arrive as dry as the wearer.

The style though is important (especially for a women’s raincoat). Typically, style is the pivotal factor– the deal maker or breaker– when one is shopping for a rain jacket or PVC raincoat. That is why there are so many forms of so many functions. Hoods are great, but not all the time, and that is why so many jackets come with hoods that can be removed and reattached.

Some jackets are lined with cotton and other fabrics adding to their respective weights (great for cold weather), and others are no more than light nylon. In either case, rain jackets come in all colors, and in all color-combinations, ensuring that a person in the market will find something not only suited to the obvious need, but to his/her tastes as well.

Also, some of the technology on these jackets is pretty amazing. Types of mesh are used to ensure even the heaviest of the jackets remain breathable, so the wearer stays warm without sweating. And even a lightweight rain jacket can protect against the heaviest of downpours.  Sleeves and seams come reinforced to prevent rips and tears, and some of the fabrics themselves are space-age. Zippers and drawstrings are still around, of course, providing the comforts they provide so well, and in total today’s wearers are drier and more comfortable than ever.

That’s what it boils down to. Dryness is important, but comfort is invaluable. Comfort means that after arriving, one can provide the best in themselves to those around them. It means less wasted time, and in a finite world, what can be more invaluable than that?

Waterproof Poncho Or Rain Jackets?

It’s always disappointing to go camping than having it rain on you. But, as everyone knows, it’s pretty close to inevitable. That’s why we always pack rain gear when planning a camping trip. There are many different types of rain gear and a waterproof poncho is a popular choice.

Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Jacket for Outdoor Activities
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Jacket for Outdoor Activities

Ponchos are like raincoats and are made of waterproof materials such as polyethylene or nylon. They are worn over your clothes to protect them from getting wet. Unlike raincoats, however, they do not have sleeves. Instead, you drape it over your body like a cape.

Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Jacket for Outdoor Activities

So, why do people buy waterproof ponchos over rain jackets? Well, for one, they are very easy to store. Because most waterproof rain ponchos are light and easy to fold, you can store them almost anywhere.

You can even fold them up small enough to get in your pocket. That way, if you are on the beach or out hiking and it starts to rain, you can easily pull it out and put it on while you laugh at your buddies who are getting all wet.

Of course, something so cheap does have its disadvantages. These ponchos tend to blow around a lot in the wind. I recommend sticking a string or rope inside the poncho when you fold it up. This way, you can just tie the rope around your waist when you put the poncho on so that it doesn’t fly around everywhere.

Of course, the types of ponchos that you are able to put in your pocket are very cheap and often considered “disposable ponchos.” Disposable ponchos are often made of very lightweight plastic or polyethylene about 2 millimeters thick.

Obviously, they won’t stand up to a hurricane, but they are a nice and cheap way to withstand the average rainfall. However, you can buy re-useable ponchos which are a lot tougher than their disposable cousins. Reusable ponchos are made of much thicker materials and are designed for prolonged use.

Some of these ponchos even have a nylon or cotton lining added for comfort. These types of ponchos are very solid for emergency kits as they are still easier to store than a rain jacket.

When buying ponchos, you want to look at the material they are made from. Like I said before, the good ponchos are made from plastic or polyethylene and they should block water droplets and prevent them from reaching your clothes. I would recommend buying ponchos with hoods on them. If you want to protect your clothes, you might as well protect your head at the same time!

Disposable Ponchos

If you are a frequent hiker or outdoorsmen, it is a very good idea to stock up on disposable ponchos that you can store in your pocket or backpack in case you get hit with rain you weren’t expecting.

Disposable Rain Poncho
Disposable Rain Poncho

It is also a good idea to purchase a re-useable poncho for a first aid kit in your motorhome or vehicle. If you are expecting a lot of rain, however, it is still best to go with a nice raincoat.


The new PVC raincoat is the perfect accessory for those of us who really prefer to be outdoors no matter what the weather. The rain jacket offers protection against the elements at an affordable price. During seasonal weather changes, there is now no reason to miss one precious moment outside.

There are many different styles available. Rainwear items are made of PVC. Some are made of PVC on polyester; while other brands are constructed of various materials such as nylon taffeta and coated with PVC. The raincoat is water-resistant. The design allows for comfort and ease of movement. Seams are electronically welded to ensure strength or seam taped. Some heavier styles also have major seams sewn to ensure extra strength and protect against ripping.

Raincoats have many choices available. They may be equipped with hoods or are available without hoods. Hoods may be attached or detachable. Headwear is closed securely using sturdy drawstrings. Some models feature a concealed hood that can be folded up and tucked in when it is not in use.

Models come in many different colors. There are standard colors such as yellow, red or blue. There are fluorescent colors that provide extra safety in limited light. There are also special colors available such as camouflage for those who enjoy hunting. Most models have two exterior pockets and some have an inside pocket to secure items. Pockets close with sliding closures or zippers. This keeps items tucked in securely and waterproof as well.

PVC raincoats close using snaps to protect against moisture. Some designs have a special closing that overlaps using a combination of snaps and zippers to protect the wearer from the elements. This ensures waterproof outdoor activities. A waterproof poncho style is also available. This is handy as it has an attached hood and easily slips on over the head.

Rainwear is available in a wide variety of colors. Children’s raincoats may have one of any number of images printed on them, such as favorite cartoons or other movie characters. Companies can also have raincoats printed with their specific logos.

Sizes are available to cover toddlers to large adults. Many companies offer matching pants made of the same waterproof PVC material. This covers the outdoors enthusiast from head to toe. Coats come in different lengths depending on the preference. There are models that are body length and shorter styles as well.

Now you do not have to stay inside just because it is raining. You can be covered from head to toe with breathable, waterproof PVC rainwear. These coats are designed for comfort and are lightweight enough to ensure movement. They are great for hiking, walking or any other outdoor activity. They close securely keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Instead of sitting inside watching it rain now anyone can spend the day outside enjoying nature and any number of activities.


Columbia Women's Arcadia Ii Waterproof Breathable Jacket
Columbia Women’s Arcadia Ii Waterproof Breathable Jacket

It is important for every woman to have a raincoat in her wardrobe. Rain can hit at any time and it is always good to be prepared with the proper gear to repel the rain. There are many types of outdoor coats but the reality is that all coats are not made the same.

One outdoor coat may be more suited for breaking the wind but it does not repel the rain. Nobody wants to get stuck in an outdoor jacket that sucks up the water rather than repels it. Any outdoorsy person will benefit from having a women’s raincoat in their closet.

When shopping for women’s raincoats there are some essential features to check for. A raincoat should have a hood just in case you get stuck in the rain without an umbrella. While some raincoats are made without hoods those are meant to be worn when the rain is already coming down and there is an umbrella handy. A good women’s rain jacket for the outdoors-oriented women is a raincoat that has a hood attached. It is great to keep one in the house as well as in the car just in case you get stuck in an unexpected rainstorm.

There are some great raincoats for outdoorsy women that fold up to a compact size. Some of these raincoats even fold up to a size that can fit inside a pocket. These coats are excellent to keep inside of a jacket pocket when hiking or going on any outdoor trip. It is easier than carrying around an umbrella or wearing a raincoat over a regular jacket just in case. Because these raincoats fold up into a very small size they are usually made of thinner material and are usually better to wear in light rain rather than heavy rain.

A heavier raincoat is usually necessary for a torrential downpour. These coats are made from heavier materials that really repel the rain and keep the body dry. These coats are made in cropped versions that extend to the hip as well as longer versions that hit around the knees.

The longer raincoats are better for keeping drier as they protect not only the upper body but also the lower body from moisture. If the rain jacket is longer it looks nice to wear a belted jacket because it gives the waist some definition and keeps the figure from getting lost in the jacket.

Women’s raincoats are made in many different colors and it is always nice to brighten up a dreary day with a bright red, yellow, or orange raincoat. Though raincoats are made in neutral and subdued colors it can do a world of good for the mood to cheer up a cloudy and rainy day by wearing a sunny and warm color.

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