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sleeping bags

What To Look For In Camping Sleeping Bags

One of the few things you absolutely need when you go camping (other than a rechargeable lantern) is a camping sleeping bag. There are many different types of camping sleeping bags designed for different uses. There are bags designed for winter, bags designed for two people, bags that are light, and many more. Naturally, choosing one can be a little tricky.

sleeping bags

The first thing you want to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag for camping is what kind of camping you will be doing. There are sleeping bags called 3-season sleeping bags that should only be used for summer or warmer weather camping.

These are the typical rectangular bags that I’m sure you are familiar with. They are cheaper than the other types of sleeping bags, so if you are only going to be camping in the summer, they are a good choice.

However, if you enjoy camping in the winter, the 3-season bags are not going to cut it. They are not insulated enough to keep you warm at night and if you attempt to use them during a cold winter night, it could be very dangerous. Lucky for you, there is a type of sleeping bag designed for winter camping. These are called 4-season sleeping bags. The best sleeping bags for camping in the winter fit into this category.

The most popular sleeping bag in this category is the mummy bag. Mummy bags are designed to keep your body heat inside the bag and prevent it from leaking out and making you cold. They are called mummy bags because they resemble an Egyptian mummy sarcophagus.

This design enables your feet and lower extremities to have the most insulation. This is because your body heat likes to escape from your feet and head. Ok, so the mummy bag has the feet covered, but what about the head you ask?

Well, most mummy bags also come with a hood to keep heat from escaping from your head. Convenient, eh?

Whether you are hiking or taking a vehicle to your campsite is also something you need to consider. If you are a hiker, you obviously don’t want to buy a sleeping bag that is really heavy like a double sleeping bag. You want to look into buying a bag that is made of lighter materials but is still able to keep you warm.

This is important. Don’t just blindly buy a light sleeping bag before doing your research. I think anyone would agree that it is better carrying a heavier bag that will keep you warm rather than carrying a light bag which will keep you freezing during the night.

If you are taking the family out to a popular campground in a car, then you do not need to worry about the weight as much.

You still want to avoid buying a really heavy bag because, most of the time, the heavier the bag is, the warmer it will keep you. You don’t want you or your kids to overheat during the night.

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